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MoonBlazes and Mephala
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TheEriond and Felicity
8%7 Votes
Sheba and Buffie
2%2 Votes
Seryss and Day
1%1 Vote
Kol and Unita
0%0 Votes
Sinsation and SinLord
3%3 Votes
Shaynorah and Beast
16%14 Votes
[GS]Asuka and Laela
0%0 Votes
IronRose and Hozore
9%8 Votes
[GS]Asuka and [GS]Giovanna
5%5 Votes
xavi and alezara
0%0 Votes
GothicAnjo and EnglandsRose
36%32 Votes
Xull and Puma
12%11 Votes
Yoshiko and Atlas
2%2 Votes
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17 May 2009
Realm of Eos United States
PostedMar 04, 2013 4:30 am
GMDropkick wrote:
Xardas42 wrote:
annsachd wrote:
Both TheEriond and I have noticed the candy we received from this is glitched, and not working properly ._."  

I just tried to use this last night. The chocolate that adds the attack, doesn't work. I right-clicked, left-clicked & even tried moving it from inventory & relogging & it still didn't work. Oh well, it was a nice event though so thank you much. Smile  

After this problem was pointed out, I then manually mailed out all the chocolate rewards. Please check your mail as the chocolate should be there and working properly.  

I have not received mail and the condition still exists. I am not arguing or requesting anything else be sent. I am merely pointing out a bug that is part of playing in a beta. I tried last night again, March 3, to activate the heart shaped candy, but it still does not respond to ANY action.

Perhaps move this thread to bug section to avoid future event issues.




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19 Jan 2013
United States
PostedMar 16, 2013 9:06 pm
My chocolates didn't work either and I received them from the mail but now i can't erase those glitched chocolates from my inventory.
it says untradeable and also I can't trash them.
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