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03 Jun 2012
PostedMar 16, 2013 7:01 am

Omnicide Gaming is Recruiting!

Omnicide gaming is a gaming community established in late 2012 and has since increased a lot in size

About Us :
As a guild Omnicide is at an average size slowly acquiring new members. As a community we are at the beginning phases, we have just began to take our first steps when it comes to expanding into games outside swtor. As mentioned we are fairly new, but that still doesn't mean we haven't had our ups and downs. We have had a lot of good times involving tons of fun on our teamspeak, we have helped members when they've had a hard time and unfortunately we've had a couple of bad times as well. In our community we are a very close-knit group and there is always room for more. We welcome all players, whether you are a casual player or a hardcore player, we will always do our best to make you a part of the group and help you achieve your goals.
Even though our guild is fairly new we lack neither experience or talent. When we play to win, we win! Even though we are classified as a casual guild we do enjoy to pvp and raid at a level comparable to hardcore guilds. We might joke around more and use a little extra time in raids for fun but we will always give it our all.
Our guild being casual and fun is nice but we do have some rules that if broken will be hit hard on. We are a very relaxed community and are definitely not elitists *shrug*. We accept very close to anyone, if you believe you are better than everyone else because of something you know, have in-game or anything similar, we do not want you. We want fun people to chat with, have good time and relax.

What We Play :
we play mostly B2P games and F2P games , but we are more or less wanting to grow our Defiance Devision. But we accept people playing any games. If you want to know what we Play Please scroll down the How to Join and browse our community forums or look further down.

Members :
We have a total of 47 members with a steady increase in numbers

How To Join :
Visit Us at and sign up and once done apply for the guild and if you get accepted then come join us on our teamspeak Server Info provided on our forums for Teamspeak

Official games:
Battlefield 3 (starting up)
Elder Scrolls Online
League of Legends
Scarlet Blade
Dragons Nest

All games there is!
Basically, we created Guilds/Clans in games with high interest from our members, and if there isn't enough interest we make an "unofficial" guild/clan. This also includes Co-op games like Borderlands 2, we use to do some group there etc.
Also we a currently working very hard at making an easy to use forum, and basically a great community !
We even have a picture uploader where anyone can upload images they find funny/interesting etc.
As a side note our community is open to everyone, while out gaming community needs a formal applications (nothing serious though). Then when your application is approved you get access to the Gaming community specific forums and our gaming groups.

PPS: Everyone is free to come on our ts and hang or maybe play some games

Thanks for reading and I hope to see a few new recruits!


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25 Jan 2012
United Kingdom
PostedMar 16, 2013 7:50 am
Lets get things rollin , im in lvl 20 in SB and im a SW
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