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22 Sep 2012
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PostedMar 14, 2013 5:22 pm

Re: rc

.NovemberRain wrote:
WoodPecker. wrote:
Quodata wrote:


Here o__o better text.
Hope you like it ? o_O
2nd one was for jokes Wink *Don't take it seriously~  

2nd text looks better, i agree.

ummm... you signature seem... like they got bad quality..

if you look at the wings, you'll see what i mean.  

literally used like half an hour to make it, the wings were very sloppy cut

idk what u mean about quality.. I didnt use any topaz I just adjusted the brightness and contrast.

Tell me how to increase the quality?  

use topaz. kk.

i mean.. like... 0 strength is enough.

if you get a good enough cut out, enhance the character a bit and use a bit of topaz, you can make it kinda look like this:

where the quality of the character is good.

you got black outlines on your wings.

taking a bit of time to erase those is worth it.

and like the above posts said, the flare to the left is too bright.



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26 Oct 2012
PostedMar 14, 2013 7:17 pm
yeah I agree on the quality now. I'll definitely fix that thanks

but I like the brightness on the left... I think I'll keep that part

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