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11 Mar 2013
Provo ut United States
PostedMar 13, 2013 9:08 am

whats wrong?

the game crystal saga has got some kind of bug it makes me pick a new character every time i log in.
how do i fix this?


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06 Nov 2009
Oxford United Kingdom
PostedMar 13, 2013 10:08 am
Hiya C:

Sorry to hear you are having issues.

Crystal saga has no issues of this kind. if that were the case then everyone would be having the same problem, the issue here is on your end. So lets try out a few things that may solve your problem. C:

I would recommend you try another browser just to see If that's where the problem lies. if the new browser you try works then is issue is with your old one.
Make sure that everything is up to date. Clear your Cache, History And Cookies.

If using Google chrome then it actually can sometimes have 2 flash players which causes conflicts. Since Google Chrome has its own flash player built in. if using Google chrome i would suggest you type in the URL


click the plus sign or expand sign in the top right corner then find in the list shown flash (2) files and disable the one in located in Google chrome.

in some extreme cases since browsers store a lot of information and get clogged up easily. sometimes uninstalling and installing a fresh new copy of the browser can help. this usually fixes any and all issues.

hope this fixes your issues, if you feel you need more help feel free to contact me via my profile or post a reply here.

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