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09 Oct 2008
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PostedDec 23, 2012 4:13 am

Ksing in general,

I know there have been and will be alot of complains about this topic.
Hi, as many others ive experienced intence kill stealing almost everywere i go.
Its really sad to see the lack of mutual respect the players show to fellow gamers.

You cant really do anything about it but its has come to this level of behavior that it really ruins the game.

Imagine your on xp stone and clock is running, ofc u want to kill as much as u can to get the xp bonus, But if you are constantly ksed it feels completly wasted.

I know that some ppl will respond with.. suck it up, go someplace else to lvl etc. But thats just to turn the blind eye to the problem itself. the total lack of respect to others.

Today as it is you get ksed repeatedly so you have to make screenshot of it and make a harrasment complaint. ok. that helps very much at the time your beeing ksed.
and that complaint dont do much either. how many times does it result in something?

its a complicated problem i know. but its ruining the game totaly for many players.

We play this game to have fun and cus wee like/love the game. but that dont matter much if you cant have fun playing it.

there is so much to say about this but you all have heard it before so no need for me to repeat.

ive said what i came to say.
Gl and happy hunting all.


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10 Sep 2008
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PostedDec 23, 2012 8:05 am
if you have experienced that kind of behavior ( showing no respect by replying that you should "suck it up" ), then i agree that it shouldn't continue. If you are willing - i strongly suggest to do that that they would learn a small lesson of humility - please collect proof of their behavior and send in a report ticket.

IF nobody sends in a report ticket, then these people can continue what they did. You can help yourself, but more especially the others if you are reporting such behavior.

Arrow contact us - game support ( select "report behavior" as subcategory )
+ for reference ; official Kill Stealing rules .

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27 Dec 2012
PostedDec 27, 2012 9:55 am
Hi jalmenfors,

i think everyone here will agree ksing is a real and big problem for such a game.
As xybolt mentionned, if you report and speak about that on forums etc..., you will mostly be heard (at least), and if there is no suite like ban or suspension (and i'm not sure this would be a good solution in fact), at least you'll have a chence to make the practices of player X or Y known so that other players will be aware and "suspicious" regarding these "bad" players...

However, there is a thing i think is important to notice : many ppl shout at "ksing" just because some players come in the room or part of map they are in. Even if they don't take a mob that you started to kill, some players shout immediatly at ksing, but that's not ksing (if i understood the rules...).
Even more, some others claim rooms or mobs just because they were first ont the place. But i don't remember i saw anywhere that it was a "right" for one to claim a room and a "due" for the others to leave a place on demand.
The fact is : there are so many ppl now playing that it is a necessity to share the available resources. Asking, ok, but if it's not "real ksing" then the only good solution seems to invite the other ppl to a party so that every one can get is "part of the cake"...

As mentionned in the last link provided by xybolt (and if my comprehension of the topic is good... frenchies not always have the "light" Laughing) :


What it comes down to is its considered KSing if somebody takes a quest boss from you and you (or your party members) have to finish that quest. All GM events that include quest monsters are free game (the exception to the rule). Named bosses are free game. Stigma and Auizen Ruins mini-bosses are free game. Dragon (and other) chests are free game.

You'll notice the key ingredients in all of these are asking them to stop and reporting the incident. Asking them to stop does NOT mean swearing at them, cussing them out, etc. It means: ASKING them to stop. Reporting the incident means submitting a ticket using the "Contact Us" link. It does not mean PMing a GM or spamming in-game chat.

If i summarize (and simplify a lot perhaps Embarassed ) :

If you have to finish a quest with some difficult/rare task, there is a chance for ksing being "true" ksing, otherwise, there's a big chance it's nothing else that a pb of sharing (in each other player respect) the place...

In general it's the way i play and nobody (as far as i know) complained "seriously" (even if it's true that some asked for rooms...)

Hope my point of view is correctly exposed.

Wishes to all Very Happy


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17 Jan 2012
United States
PostedMar 13, 2013 3:30 am

KS issues

One potential Cause
While recently Tanking mobs in CL3, I was tanking a room of monsters when another player entered from the other end of the room and began tanking them as well. We were both Solo'ing the dungeon and when the dust cleared we were both convinced the other had been out of line. We were able to calmly discuss our individual impressions of timing and circumstance and came to the conclusion that our displays could not possibly be showing the same information. We were both seeing the room from a time perspective of several seconds delay in relation to the other player. Thus we both started tanking the room with no other player in sight. It may help to keep in mind that when claiming 'dibs' on a room it is possible that the other person arrived there the same time as you...they were just not visible to you yet.
Stay calm...enjoy the game. We agreed to tank in opposite directions from that room and had no other issues.

just my impressions Smile
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