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24 Jul 2008
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PostedMar 09, 2013 3:53 pm

GA Trivia - About That Raffle

Are you feeling lucky?

Trivia Masters, this one’s for you!

So you’re confident you are one of the true Trivia Masters? Well, I think the true Trivia Masters deserve a little something extra. So, every week we have Weekly Trivia, those who get at least 10 questions right (so pretty much, a perfect score) will be entered into the Trivia Raffle.

The final Weekly Trivia will end with both a common prize (for getting 7 out of 10) and a Raffle Drawing.

EDIT: 2 Players Per Server Will be Drawn to Win a Prize  

And YOU get to pick what that prize is!

Every week, Trivia will have a bonus question, which you must answer (I don’t want anyone to submit and then say, "Darn, I forgot to cast my vote!"). You will answer the bonus question to narrow down what the potential raffle prize will be.

For example:

Week One the bonus question might ask: Cash Item or In-Game Item?
Week Two will take the highest vote (assume Cash Item wins) and ask: Hero Item or Sire Item?
Week Three will take the highest voted-for category from Week Two and may ask: Long Term Use or Short Term Use?
Week Four will not ask a question. The raffle prize will be chosen from the clues.

As this is a Raffle, bigger things are up for grabs. TBD soon *-*

The choice is yours. Study hard. Play to win.

♥ Vampy ♥

Oh, and last week's Trivia counted, so there are already names in the hat Wink
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