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28 Apr 2010
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PostedMar 07, 2013 1:10 pm
RollaR_50248 wrote:
Cacuga wrote:
Every game in every patch fix stuffs and break other that where working well. Everytime you need to nerf something cause it isn't working how it was designed to do, not always you do it right in the first attemp.

They nerf the Astral system, if the current system is how they want it or otherwise they nerfed it more than they want we don't know. My advice is to not waste a single coin on Astrals till next part of patch releases.  

Manual astrals works just fine, I've tested it several times now and so have friends of mine (on both servers), and the results from manual astrals is about the same as it was before the 1.5 patch. Obviously there is rng within that as you can never guarantee the same amount of return from your gold, but the overall pattern is the same.

One-click capture is broken. It seems to have a lower drop rate and doesn't count mis-fortunes towards astral points, making the feature useless.

So DO NO one-click capture. If you have the patience to do it manually then I would say feel free to go ahead that way.  

Wish I would have known this before I wasted millions of gold. This means that their loyal cash spending customers are getting ripped off. This is not right.

I'm sorry, I don't love you anymore.
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