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[Paid Out] Golden Age Weekly Trivia!

05 March 2013

(Starts: Tuesday, 05 March @ 18:00 PT - Ends: Wednesday, 06 March @ 18:00 PT)



Mystery Prizes ~(o.o)~

20x Dragon Fangs



Are you a Trivia Master? Well here’s your chance to PROVE it! The more you know about Golden Age, the better you will score! Get at least 70% right to win the Mystery Prize! Fill out THIS FORM with all required information and your answers!

Feeling a little less confident? Then try to raise your grade with the special Extra Credit question at the end of the form! This question might being particularly difficult, super easy, or have nothing to do with Golden Age! (That's why it's extra credit).

Good Luck!


BONUS! Get a perfect score and your name will be added to the Trivia Raffle Very Happy Details in second post Very Happy


You have 24 hours (until the time posted below) to complete this Trivia!

MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE: 18:00 PT 06 March 2013  


  • Before participating, be sure to Read our FAQ!
  • No exceptions for participation outside of the 24-hour time frame will be given. Sorry!
  • PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION. The requirements for the task will change on a regular basis. If we need you to fill out a form or post a screenshot, you may be disqualified for not following our rules!
  • You may not recycle screenshots.
  • You may only participate in each Weekly Task ONCE (which means only on ONE server!)
  • You may not use multiple accounts to participate.
  • Must provide your entry before the deadline specified.
  • No cheating or plagiarism allowed.
  • All content must be PG-13.
  • Players may only participate ONCE per server.
  • If you do not follow the rules posted, you may NOT be awarded for prizes.
  • You may only use ONE account to participate!
  • Prizes will be awarded to the forum account you are posting from. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • You MUST include your Account name, Server and IGN for your entry to be counted.
  • Please allow a minimum of 4-7 business days for payout of your prize.


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24 Jul 2008
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PostedMar 05, 2013 6:43 pm

Last week on Trivia...

From: 26 February 2013
What percent boost to your attack does a Basic skill provide?

How many members can a level ONE alliance have?
THROWN OUT <<multiple answers>>

What's the currency when shopping in your alliance store?

Why are the construction orders you buy in your Alliance Store so awesome?
Because they last 72-hours rather than 24-hours.

What's the ratio of maximum Alliances to a Kingdom?
4 to 1

On the topic of ratios, what's the ratio of primary resources to secondary resources when you hit a resource wild?
100% to 25%

Which Construction Orders are not related?
Intermediate Construction Order (x4 for 24hrs) and Emperor's Construction Order (x5 for 24hrs)

If you think you got that one right, you should be able to tell me the maximum amount of buildings you can build using the highest Construction Order.
5 Buildings

Non sequitur - Upgrade a wonder for the first time, and it turns…

Regardless of Wonder level, upgrading a wonder is sure to…
Grant your Alliance a larger, lump sum of Funds.

Among the lady sires, who wears the pants in the family?
The Knights Templar

Auspicious Card x4

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