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part 6: the reunite
The scene comes back with the master opening the window again…
The avatar is gone and instead of him a great lake of blood, Rebecca is petting her Jackal while he’s still chewing some meat.

Angelica: well at least he spoke before he died! Lara is in the royal secret palace prison! She went there after they caught her for some reason.
Rebecca: sister! I guess it’s time for us to go visit the “royal family” a little visit!
Angelica: yeah! They’re the last on our list!
The master: An! Don’t overdo your revenge! You can’t kill them but you can threat them! And never show you face to anyone at all costs!
Angelica: understood boss!
The master: now go! And take the kiddo with you.
Angelica: ok! Apprentice! Come here!
????: yes ma’am!
Angelica: we’re now going to go to the royal palace!
????: yes ma’am!
Angelica: you’ll be coming with me hoping for learning something is that clear!
????: yes ma’am!
Angelica: ok let’s go!
Rebecca: Jackal!
????: shadow dash!

And the trio dashed through the woods into the path to the royal palace!
Rebecca: sister you remember how they rejected to help us out 12 years ago?!
Angelica: is that something to be forgotten?!
Rebecca: let’s get our revenge now!
Angelica: ok but we can’t kill the king of llya! It’s totally outlaw!
Rebecca: I know I’m not THAT rebellious!
The apprentice: master what are you talking about?!
Angelica: everything in its time kiddo!
And at last they reach the edge of the great royal wall!
Rebecca: what’s the plan?
Angelica: let me think.
The apprentice: why don’t we both I and my maser sneak inside since we can go invisible and scout up a head for a starter?!
Angelica: that’s too risky! If you want to go scouting then go!
The apprentice: ok!

And he vanished.
Angelica: what are we supposed to do once we’re at the king’s room?
Rebecca: leave that to me! You’re always good with hiding but the brain job is mine!
Angelica: ok.
The apprentice came back: master the security is not as tight as you expected! Looks like they have no idea we’re coming here!
Angelica: which means we still have the surprise element! Great!
Rebecca: here’s the plan…
12:30 midnight…

Everything looks normal and so quiet.
Some guards are sleeping and some are taking on patrols.
A guard is walking by the main entrance and not noticing anything strange.
While a light misty figure passes him without a sound he doesn’t feel anything weird.
After few seconds he finds himself sleeping on the ground! After a good hit on the head from the apprentice!
Rebecca goes after her sister with caution.
As angelica uses her panther to get rid of the royal guards from around the main gates she sneaks in.

Angelica: the king is nearby! Get ready!
Rebecca: roger that!
The apprentice: got it!
While the king is sitting down enjoying such a quiet nice night on the balcony.
A shadow jumps before him!
????: you’re now cursed! You can’t move a muscle! You’re paralyzed with fear! You can’t think straight! You’re now trying to use your skills which won’t work because my fright silenced you! You can’t use any mana because my attack drained it all! You can’t scream because all your guards are down! You can’t hide because you’re exposed! You can’t run because your legs are gone!

The king with his eyes opened wide remained on the chair and wasn’t able to move an inch!
????: didn’t I tell you it works every time sister?!
Rebecca: yeah ! the psychology trick! Even if he’s totally fine his body’s nerves system shut down because of the shock he takes.
The king: wh..w..h..wh….. what….d..dd….do…y….o…u….you…..w…a…wa….w.a…want?!
The shadow: where’s the newest prisoner!
The king: the butcher ….. Kevin!
The shadow : no! the person that’s called Lara!
The king I …d.d.d.d….du.don’t know what you’re talking about!
Rebecca: don’t force us to torture you! speak up!
The king: I don’t know anything about what you’re talking about!
The shadow: very well…
And they take him a hostage!

They go to the royal prison and from there they begin their searching.
After few hours they don’t find anything at all!
Rebecca: maybe the avatar was lying…
Angelica: I am not sure there’s must be some mistake did we miss anything?!
The apprentice: hmmm… master! Why does this chain look weird?!
Angelica: what are you talking about?!
And she goes to check…
Angelica sees that a chain is weirdly floating upside down!
Angelica: huh?! Umm… sis!
Rebecca: yeah?
Angelica: how do you explain this?
The king nearby chained: that chain is always like that! The advisor told me it’s just a mis-crafting mistake.
Rebecca: I doubt it’s a mistake! it’s impossible for a little chain to stay like this all this time!
Angelica: ok let me see.
And she pulls the chain with her blade doing so uncovers a weird new path!
The king: what on earth!
Rebecca: sis …
Angelica: I know! That symbol on the wall belongs to the white ones! But …what on earth is such a secret prison doing here?!
The apprentice goes first and scouts ahead: MASTER! This is unbelievable!
Angelica and Rebecca both dash to him and take a look after them is the king following them slowly.

Rebecca: I can’t believe my eyes! They’re keeping here shadow and black masters! They’re treated like rats!
The king: how the Hard is such an inhuman thing be in my castle!
The apprentice goes on and scouts more…
The apprentice after ten cages: excuse me you’re alive there?
The prisoner: yeah.. I can see you shadow one!
The apprentice: who are you and why are you here?
The prisoner: the name is Jakie and I’m a former shadow one! I’m a Dark stalker! And I was captured here so far for an entire year.
Rebecca came closer: how did they catch you?
Jakie: this is what happens when you fail a mission miss, they capture you and enslave you! next thing up they take your power and sprite!
Angelica: wait! You have a sprite!
Jakie: I USED to have one until they took it away and forced it back to the nature.
Rebecca: do you know by any chance any prisoner here that’s called “Lara”?
Jakie looked at her with a surprised look: LARA! That nightmare demon! How you know her?
Rebecca: nightmare…demon?
Angelica: tell us about it!
Jakie: well from what I heard here 12 years ago if not more a woman came here after some weird reasons and got arrested by a group of white ones, Crusades.
She’s very kind and friendly; each time a new prisoner here comes she calms them down and gives them a bite of a bread!

Angelica: a bread?!
Jakie: yeah she used to use her powers of magic to bake for us that some guards eventually began to let her out so she bakes for them as well! However this woman got a very danger personality she helped almost 20 of us to escape! Some made it some didn’t she’s a great friend to us all! But the problem is the last time 2 months ago she tried to help someone to escape and got caught.
Now she’s in the solo-prison.
Rebecca: which way?
Jakie: to you maximum right! If you’re going to help her out please thank her for me her bread is awesome!
Rebecca and Angelica both went to the cell’s door and checked the little window.
They saw nothing but darkness.
Rebecca: hello? Prisoner Lara?! Are you there?
????: who’s this?
Angelica looked at the ceiling to see a woman laying in the air using weird magic to attach her to the ceiling while she’s flying, just like a flying bed.
Angelica: Hard!? You’re Lara right?
????: who cares to know?
Rebecca: can you come down here please I want to see your face!
And suddenly the woman vanishes and comes out right in their faces!
????: I expected you to run away like the others.
Rebecca: my …god… that face…
Angelica: ….. mmmm… mom!
????: what!?

Angelica and Rebecca takes off the masks: mom! It’s us!
????: who are you talking to and what about?!
Rebecca: this is not good she can’t remember us!
Angelica: wait! You still have those beans!
Rebecca: Hard yeah!
Both of the girl holds up right I front of the woman’s face few Chocó beans.
The woman smells them…
????: hmmm… these are… chocolate beans! But how? From where you got these!
Rebecca: can’t you remember mom! You gave them to us 12 years ago! We kept them safe so we can celebrate together! For our graduation!
????: graduation… celebrate.. chocolate… my head hurts..
Angelica: mom can’t you remember? We asked you that day can you make something sweet for us!
The woman opened her eyes wide and looked at the both of the girls… within seconds her eyes turned into rivers of tears!

Lara: Rebecca! Angelica! My angels!
Rebecca and Angelica in one voice: MOM!
She pulled out her arms outside the cell’s window and them both placed their faces on her hands.
Rebecca: mom! …. I missed you so much…
Angelica: mommy!!!!!!!!!!
The apprentice: well this is a really nice scene…wouldn’t it be greater if you helped her out?
Rebecca: how are we supposed to get mom out of this cell?
Lara: I don’t have any tools here.
Angelica: leave it to me!
She pulls out her blades and places the in the lock and begins to pick it.
Rebecca: are you sure you know what you’re doing?
Angelica: I have been training on my techniques sis and I know exactly what I’m doing!
The apprentice went away to take a look and stay on guard while the king with them to still checking the prison and he can’t believe such a place exists!
Lara: so how have you been my little candies?
Rebecca: well mom the life without you was a real pain we had no idea how much you suffer daily…

Angelica: indeed! Once we’re out we’ll help you as much as we can!
Lara: sorry for making you to suffer so much. If I was able to come back to you I’d have done it.
Rebecca: don’t say that mom what important is now you’re here! And we found you and we’re soon going all to be together!
Angelica: well mom after we returned home we got some work done and we actually began a carrier!
Lara: this is so great!
Rebecca: yeah but then we got kidnapped! And I turned out to be a black master …Shadow lord.
Angelica: yeah and I became a shadow master Wind shadow.
Rebecca: I hoped that we could have been able to turn out to be an Avatar and a Hawk eye but … we couldn’t please don’t be mad at us mom!
Lara gave Rebecca a soft smile and pulled out her hand and touched her daughter’s check: I’m so proud of you both! Regardless what you both came out to be being in such a rank is an honor!

Angelica: by the way mom we both are Sprite masters!
Lara: god! Really! O my o my! I’m so proud of you both!
Rebecca and Angelica gave out a big smile.
Angelica: almost done!
The apprentice came back: MASTER! They’re coming back!
Angelica: right now!
Rebecca: ****!
The king: if they see me here as well I may get assaulted!

what will happen to our heroes? stay tuned!

to be continued

PS: feedback is requested
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