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part 4: 12 years passed
12 years later…

????: so even after all these years nothing changed at all in the world of Sapheal!
????: did you expect it to change from the first place?!
????: let’s say a little bit.
????: ha! Don’t make me laugh! Anyway time to move now!
????: true!

Two shadows jump from the roof of the building in an acrobatic way and run through the empty streets.
The one on the ground runs very fast and instantly side flips into the wall and begins to run very fast!
The other shadow jumps and flips twice from the ground and over an entire house to land on the ground and continue this dashing.

????: look out!
????: a warrior for a guard!? Sheesh they’re really old fashion!
The shadow pulls out two long daggers and jumps over the head of the guard and continues on running.
The guard gets a bit confused…but not for too long his head drops on the ground.
????: you’ve really grown up! Very nice slice there!
????: not that nice he felt it!
????: what are you so much upset about “An”?
An: don’t call me even with my code name!
????: sorry.
The both shadows reach a roof of a big building.
An: so this is where our target is!
????: yes a white one, we need to be very careful…
An: because?
????: An! We’re facing a Crusade here! He’s tough!
An: tougher than a master Wind Shadow?! I don’t think so!
????: don’t take risks!
An: besides I’ve been training really hard from the very start! I bet I can take him face to face no problem!
????: AN! You forgot it’s a stealth mission!
An: then don’t yell my name stupid!
????: sheesh! Remind me again why the Hard am I your companion?!
An: because I said so!
????: god …ok! Go do as you wish I’ll stay here and watch!
An: alright!

And instantly the shadow named An vanished!
The scene goes to the room where the crusade is writing a letter.
The scene shows the area behind his back as a very hard to see aura is approaching him!
And once that ghost jumps the crusade jumps away and pulls out his blade!
The crusade: very nice! Very sneaky, very talented, and very well done! But I’m not a fool not to feel you! Black one!
The invisibility goes away: you’re pretty good to be able to detect a Wind Shadow you know!
The crusade: I didn’t yet start!
An: and you won’t even start!
The shadow jumps in the air and begins to attack very hardly.
The crusade dodges and counters back, An avoids all the attacks very easily by jumping rapidly with back hand springs.
The crusade: you’re well trained for an Assassin! And those moves are very beautiful! But you’ll need more to finish me!
An: I’ll take your compliment but you won’t be able to see me talking about you; you’re going to the grave!
And An continued to attack even harder!
After few moments the crusade counters with a very strong attack! An is on the ground.
Crusade: say goodbye! Assassin!
An smiles: you should be saying goodbye!
And from the nowhere a sprite comes out!
Crusade: no way a sprite! O my god!
An : too late!

The sprite attacks and paralyzes the crusade while An jumps to the guy’s head.
Takes off the helmet to let him see a face of a very beautiful girl right In front of him!
Crusade: I know this face!
An: we asked you before but you didn’t so we’re now getting our revenge!
Crusade: wait! You’re!
An: Angelica?! Yes! The old huntress is now a Wind Shadow! And with my sprite you can tell… I’m a master ranked!
Crusade: a master! That’s very high!
An: correction! It’s the highest rank! Sprite king wouldn’t have given me this sprite for no reason!
And before he asks anything else she simply slits his neck.
An: job is done!
And simply throwing a smoke bomb she vanished.
????: done master?
An: yes! Let’s head back home.
????: alright.

Both of them jumps very fast and high towards the city’s fountain circle.
An drops another smoke bomb and both of them vanish.
From a dark room the both appear barely and into a weird cave they enter the scene follows them both.
An: home sweet home!
????: so what now?
An: go report the quest to the master! I’ll go to get some rest.
????: ok.
She goes to a big wall and enters it, she goes in a very long hallway into a massive big wall with many holes in it.
Once she’s in the room she stripes off her armor and lies on the bed, her body is covered in sweat.
An: well this was a good mission, I still remember that day as if it was yesterday.
Closing her eyes she begins to remember.
After I got pulled away from my sister, a group of assassin took me with them.
With their master as a Dark Stalker I had no idea what to do; I never knew there were such classes.

After passing their test of worthiness they made me their little assassin apprentice.
I surpassed them all, until the sprite king called for me and gave me my guardian sprite.
I’m now a boss here and everyone respects me so much; any word I say will be done regardless what the order was.
But still I’m not fully the boss here; the master of the assassins is the king over our little group.
Faced him in combat before and I lost within the first 5 seconds; he’s too tough. Just too tough.
Faced him twice and I’m still so weak.
Anyway I returned to my room and cleaned my blades the blood on them is very thick.
Well no wonder I just took on a white one.
I sat down on my bed and began to remember how all this happened.
I was separated from my sister, the next thing I know they placed me in some kind of a prison for few days, and then their head master came to see me and told them I have the talent!
They prepared some weird ceremony and made me to talk to a class selection master.
He told me that I’m not born to be a ranged one; I’m born to be a black one! Specifically a shadow.

I asked him what do all these ones mean?
He told me: after the king sprite went away because of the war, the world of Sapheal had some very weird way of organizing the class types; the classes that uses mainly the white skills-good skills- are called “White ones” which are the warriors, and the paladins.
While the classes that use holy skills-skills to heal or revive or so- are called “Holy ones” which are the clerics.
But from the Holy ones some weird group came out and lived in the forest. Those who chooses to be one with the forest aren’t well-known so we call them ”Green ones” some rumors came about them being called “Sages” people who are able to understand the power of the forest more than anyone else.
Some other classes that use white magic through their wisdom of the elements –good magic- are called “White mystic ones”
Those are one of our main enemies and the classes that are called that way are the wizards and avatars.
And that leaves us alone the “Black ones” the people who are capable of using the dark arts, and Evil powers.

Just because we learned more doesn’t mean we’re a threat towards them, but anyway they see us as enemies. Our class goes into tow paths:
The “Black shadows” and the “Black masters”
The Black shadows are us! The Assassins!
And the Black masters are the Necromancers!
Our job is so simple; we kill the heads of the white ones while the black masters attack directly face to face the enemies!
I asked him: why all this fighting?
He answered: we just want some normal life, they see us as enemies because of our abilities; we’re capable of going everywhere unnoticed, and the black masters the necromancers are the only dark magicians who can call forth servants!
I asked: servants?!
And when I was about to remember his answer I woke up from my memory world to hear my apprentice calling me.

I went to him to see what’s going on.
????: master! The head master is calling you!
An: on my way!
I ran very fast through all the way to reach him.
????: I want you to go to the city of Jale!
An: the mechanical city?!
????: yes! Go there and you’ll meet with a black master! I want from you to help out to destroy a royal escort!
An: understood!
????: before you go…I have a little note for you An.
????: you ever heard about the name ”Lara”?
Once he said that name my eyes opened wide! And my jaw dropped! That name something I didn’t hear since 12 years ago! “Lara”! MOM!
I regained my clam as fast as I can.
An: master! What about that name?
????: well I heard that a person with that name is somehow involved into this mission! You better be careful! This is a very special mission; failure is not an option!
An: it never was! Master I’m on my way!
????: go now and make The Shadows proud!
And without any words like a shadow I vanished and through the corridors I ran my fastest!
I came upon my apprentice flirting with a lady shadow, I took him from his shoulder and dashed with him outside the entire place.
????: master! Why did you take me? I was about to ask her out!
An: we have a very important mission! I need your help!
????: Shocked for real!?
An: without your help I highly doubt I can finish it!
????: NOW WE’RE TALKING! What should I do MA’AM!
An: just wait and you’ll get what you have to do.
????: understood!

Few minutes we were right there!
A little spot behind the path of the royal escort.
????: who are we waiting master?
An: an ally.
????: is it a girl?
An: I don’t know.
Few moment and the sounds of the package car began to appear!
An: where the Hard is this ally?
????: right behind you!
An and her apprentice instantly pulled their blades and turned around.
An: who’s this?! Indentify yourself!
????: I’m a black master! They call me Reaper!

who's Reaper and is this new persona really a Black Master? will this person be an enemy or an ally?

to be continued

PS: feedback requested
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