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08 Jul 2012
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part 3: the clash!
Rebecca: what’s going on?!
Angelica: stay here let me use my stealth skills and see what’s going on!
Rebecca: alright counting on you!

Angelica went to the door of the kitchen and slowly opened it.
Using her well-trained eyes she managed to see the entire corridor.
Rebecca asked: is everything ok?!
Angelica: from what I can see so far so well, I’ll move on.
As she began to progress she hears someone coming!
She runs right into the nearby plants and tries to camouflage herself.
She sees a weird person in a purple armor she can’t indentify who it’s; she can’t see the face.
She waits few seconds until the stranger goes away.
Continuing on she goes to the right exit and from there she slowly climbs the stairs.
She gets her back against the coming up wall to her right side and presses hard.
Once she begins to enter the great hall she begins to hear some people talking and others are screaming in fear.

She takes a peek and with the help of her archery skills she’s totally fine!
Or so she thought; after few seconds peeking she decided it’s time to go back to her sister and tell her that the entire mansion is under attack but strangers!
She turns her face backwards and begins to move slowly she looks back to make sure none found about her, but once she returns her face to her path…
She finds herself facing another purple armored stranger that’s checking some plants!
Angelica: if I step too fast he’s going to find me and if I stay as I am I’m screwed!
She begins to move inch by inch!
Until she manages to reach the plant on her side.
She continues as slowly as possible with each step her eyes are still on the stranger!
She’s about to enter the kitchen.

The stranger: WAIT A MINUTE THERE!
Angelica’s body felt as cold as snow for a second as she turns her face towards the Stanger with a yellow face of fright.
But once her turning is done she notices the stranger is talking to the plant!
She takes a breath and entered the kitchen.
Rebecca: what’s going on?!
Angelica doesn’t say a word she just walks to her sister and gives her a hug!
Rebecca: what’s wrong?!
Angelica: I just saw my life line in front of me; it was very boring and chocolate-less!
Rebecca: what’s your point?! What are you talking about?
Angelica explained the problem.
Rebecca: we’re under a mansion hijacking!
Angelica: not so loud! The stranger will hear you!
Rebecca: what do you think is best to do now?
Angelica: Hard if I know!
Rebecca: the best we can do is to sneak our path outside and ask for help!
Angelica: and how the Hard are we going to do that?
Rebecca: just follow my lead!
Angelica: listen if we have to fight for any reason we will!
Rebecca: I know now it’s about life or death!

Both of the girls went outside and began to search for an exit.
Suddenly while Rebecca was checking the hall way she hears her sister screaming!
She goes back to the past corner to see her sister got captured by a purple armored person!
Rebecca uses her white magic elements and knocks the stranger out!
Then she regroups with her sister and keeps going, but not for so long!
They both got captured by a black robe guy.

They both are brought to the main hall and they both are introduced to the situation.
Basically the mansion is being held by a power force who named themselves the “Dark Sphere”!
They’re a group of unknown classes that came to the mansion to steal it.
Money, jewelry, anything that’s worthy.
After few moments a guy comes in with creepy mask on his face and he calls a Sprite!
Angelica and Rebecca: A SPRITE!

The guy looks towards them both: so you know about sprites!?
Rebecca: and what’s in it for you?
The guy comes to Rebecca and holds her face in his hand: let me see…very charming eyes showing the ability to control the powers of nature and magic!
He calls a guy in a black robe and tells him to take her away!
Angelica screams in his face so he goes to her and places his hand on her jaws.
The he comments: hmmm…indeed I see it in her eyes her tricky, very fast, very deadly, and very sneaky!

He calls another guy in purple armor and takes angelica with him!
Both of the girls face each others as they’re being pulled by kidnappers.
Rebecca shouts!: it’s going to be ok sister!
Angelica: I know we’ll alright don’t fright!
Rebecca: I wish mom was here!
Angelica: me too!
Rebecca: I’ll come for your help sis just hang on there!
Angelica: I’ll save you sister!
Both girls shout: SISTER I’M COMING FOR YOU!
After that shout they both go into separated ways.
Not long after that the entire team of rangers break into the mansion killing everything moving in their sight regardless a guest or a kidnapper.
And in the end of that night from that mansion none survived!

what happened to the both girls and will they survive? who where those poeple who kidnapped the mansion?

to be continued
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