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part 2: the investigation and the mansion
At the port of Blue bay the kids just arrived! And the families are being reunited.
Each of the kids have all grown up and learned a lot of new skills and knowledge that’s supposed to help them in their carriers.

As all their friends were heading towards their own families, Angelica, and her sister Rebecca were looking for their mother which was supposed to be there to greet them.
In their hands both of the girls held the beans their mother gave them; so once they’re all home they celebrate their graduation.

The captain in the docs told them to go home since their mother didn’t show up at all and the sun is sitting.
Both of the girls went back home on foot.
Once they reached the city of Kaslow they asked about their mother; since she sells her stuff there normally.
But none of the bakeries owners saw her some of them even blamed her for her delay.
Angelica shut them up before they began to insult her mother.
While being in the city square many of the backers went to them and began to ask about their mother…no answers at all.

The girls began to feel worried, what could have happened to prevent their mother from doing her job?
They both went to their home hoping to find her there.
While they were at the front garden the place where they used to play they noticed the scratch in the door.
They both went in having their weaponry ready!
But there were no traces at all.

The place is totally normal but weirdly…there’s bread everywhere!
And the fire is still on!
Angelica: what on earth happened here?
Rebecca: everything is already made and ready for her to begin working this is very weird.
Angelica looked at her sister eyes-to-eyes: in fact too weird to be good!
Angelica instantly pulled her gun and began the investigation, while her sister pulled out her staff and began to look around.
After few moments, they both returned to the kitchen.
Angelica: found anything sis?
Rebecca: I wish I did…
Angelica: this doesn’t look good at all.
Rebecca: we must go to the royal palace right now!

Both of the girls took a mount from the house’s farm, and began running to the royal city of Kaslow.
They informed the security about their mother being missing.
The security informed them they’ll begin the investigation at once!
The royal city of Kaslow contacted the mystery city of Ilya the city of the great magicians; and asked them for some aid.

After few days and rounds around all the wild life areas and the mini camps and towns…
They simply found nothing.
Rebecca and her sister decided to go back home; so they investigate more about the kitchen, and get some rest.
While Angelica was sleeping Rebecca couldn’t sleep at all; so she began meditating.
She began to gather the forces of nature, and gathering her powers and mana.
In the next day they both went to the royal castle of Kaslow; they wanted to ask the royal family for some help.

The king met them at last after such a very long waiting.
The king: oh as I can see here we have new comrades! Welcome, welcome!
The queen: I’m really honored to meet our new comrades! The huntress Angelica and the magician Rebecca!
Rebecca and Angelica: the honor is ours your highness.
The king: so what could have brought you both here today?! Such new comrades of the power of Sapheal should be on their carriers getting quests and helping others.
Rebecca: your majesty we came here to the city not long ago and we have been planning on beginning our jobs and serving, but…there’s a big problem we’re facing!
The king: you mean about the news I do believe! Indeed what a shocking news that your mother Lara the skilled baker.
Angelica: so will you help us out?
The queen: I’m afraid we can’t do more than what we already did, and if we went too far we may even get un-needed attention.
Rebecca: what about our mother?!
The king: I’m afraid we can’t let her disappearing to affect the place’s population. Sorry.
Both of the girls went outside the castle with a great disappointment.
Rebecca: now what are you going to do?!
Angelica: I don’t know; let’s head again to the bakery; to run some business at the main time.
Rebecca: how will that help us?!
Angelica: well…we’ll save the bakery’s population, and we can as well ask the people if they saw our mother anywhere!
Rebecca: alright.

After few days the both girls learned how to bake just like their mother.
Each of them asked all the customers about their mother but no answers at all.
Until a day came.

A guy came into the bakery and invited Rebecca to work for him in his own family’s bakery; her bread is very much great and they want a baker in their mansion.
Angelica told her sister it was alright and she can run the bakery alone.
Once Rebecca reaches the mansion she found it unbelievably huge!
Very big mansion with very large land with very big garden and very big opened space.
Rebecca: this is it?!
The guy: yes it is!
Rebecca: SO BIG!
The guy: that’s why we asked you to come here!
Rebecca: eh?!
The guy: you see? The mansion is very big and my father owns it, almost every night we have a big party, and the visitors aren’t that much liking the food we serve as they used to; so we need you to bake some of your great cake and bread so the visitors find it some new touch!
Rebecca: I’ll do my best!
The guy: let’s show you around the place!
They go to the mansion and he begins to explain to her about most of the rooms and how she should serve her baked items in them and with which organize.
The guy: and this is the backyard! Very big so the kids and the maids come here and have some fresh air!
Rebecca: very cool!... eh?! Shocked
The guy: what’s up?
Rebecca saw a very weird looking statue.
Rebecca: what’s this?
The guy: the beans’ statue?! It’s my father’s it represents the family’s roots and its family tree! I know it’s very big and all our names are written right beneath it!
Rebecca: nice!
The guy: well I better get going you have any questions?!
Rebecca: umm…what’s your name?!
The guy: me? Call me Mark!
Rebecca: you’re the mansion’s master son?
Mark: yeah!
Rebecca: why did you invite me here from the very first place from my mother’s bakery?!
Mark: are you kidding?! You don’t know? Well your bread and cake are the best in the entire city! Everyone are buying from you and so we knew if we invited you here you’ll guarantee your future!
Rebecca: ok…
Mark: now go to the kitchen we’ll have important guests soon!
Rebecca: ok!

After working for Mark’s family for such a long time Rebecca invites her sister and both of them meet in the kitchen, they talk for some time while they cook.
Angelica: well how’s the family with you sister?!
Rebecca: well they’re nice to me Mark is very kind, and they pay me good!
Angelica: you found anything about our mother yet?
Rebecca: sadly.. not yet.
Angelica: looks like we’ll have to take the truth by ourselves! There’s must be something wrong! Where could our mother have vanished?!
Rebecca: I don’t know.
Angelica: you still work on your skills sister?
Rebecca: as if I can forget such skills! Hard I do! These skills were the survival training we had in the Siwa island!
And now here we’re in the royal city of Kaslow.
Angelica: so you still use magic?
Rebecca: and you’re still hunting right?
Angelica: obviously! Besides i’m about to be promoted!
Rebecca: no kidding! Me too!
Angelica: you decided yet what to be?

Rebecca: I am not sure everyone told me to be a wizard so I use many element magic, but I have a feeling there’s some other option that’s hidden somehow.
Angelica: I know what you mean; everyone are telling me to be a ranger, but I feel that I like to me more into mele fights.
Rebecca: then why didn’t you results come out to be a fighter?
Angelica: I like more to be stealthy.
Rebecca: I can’t believe we became mage and archer pretty long ago.
Angelica: I know they didn’t let us leave Siwa until we were about to hit our skill rank 25!
Rebecca: yeah and the best part was, while searching for our mother’s traces we ranked up ourselves now we’re both about to hit rank 30!
Angelica: I know…from what I heard around the bakery the travelers said the next rank up in our Sapheal’s book of skill rank records will be a killer!
Rebecca: that’s what I heard as well! Add on that some guests were talking about some hidden options from the society!

Angelica: are you serious!
Rebecca: Hard I am! Listen to this! They say that the fighters will turn into either berserkers or paladins once they’re promoted from warriors!
Angelica: what’s the different?
Rebecca: well the berserkers are more bully while the paladins are friendlier they will help you and heal you!
Angelica: what else?
Rebecca: about your class they say the hunters once they become archers they should just be rangers, but some people said there’s a hidden class that’s unknown! Such classes have their own resident areas and cults, not mentioning groups!
Angelica: like hidden organizations?!

Rebecca: exactly!
Angelica: what else?
Rebecca: same goes to Acolytes!
Angelica: the religious people?!
Rebecca: yup! They turn into persists and then they say that after they reach the promotion rank up in the records some of them just go to the forest and never return! Some others stay with the groups in the crushes and become clerics!
Angelica: you think those by the forest have their own organization?
Rebecca: I don’t know but maybe!
Angelica: that now leaves us with your own class sister!
Rebecca: I know! The spell casters!
Angelica: you heard anything about them?!
Rebecca: well we turn into mage and they say we only can turn into wizards so we go to the next promotion! But I feel there’s something hidden in the shadows! Something that none wants it to be revealed! Something quiet unknown! And to get to it I must search for its gates and openings!
Angelica: just don’t go too far ok? No need for un-needed risks!
Rebecca: I know!

And while both of the sisters were talking together they hear a very weird scream coming out from the main hall.

what will happen for the both girls? and why the scream? where did it come from and why?

to be continued

PS: feedback requested
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