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04 Nov 2012
Totally not in the United States
PostedMar 03, 2013 1:07 am
I voted 3 cause AVA is finally looking up, but still needs a lot of improvement.

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09 Mar 2012
Silent Hills Russia
PostedMar 03, 2013 5:59 am
Oberonu wrote:
I gave it a 4.

I know the gm and gs team try, although there's so much to get done.

The reason why it's not a 5 is because it seems almost every game aeriagames has is just repetition of others, with slight differences. Even the storylines are predictable and the games are predictable. Even some old and recent games have bugs, which should stay in betas and testing servers.

To get a 5, I supposed the best thing aeria could do is have a game I can truly get lost in. Something unique, fun, funny, keeps me on my toes, and much more. I want a game I can truly get lost in, not just copies of everything else that's been done. It seems an impossible goal, but I am sure aeria can do it.

The strategy games are easy, fps are predictable with too many hackers due to their lack of talent so resort to hacking (only way I can explain so many fps hackers are lack of talent, which is respectful way of saying it), rpg games along with most of the others are just copies of the same games which gets boring fast, a lot of bugs all around in released games, and much more. Do something or even make/find a game that enthralls a player and challenges them all around but makes it fun, funny, exciting, and more. Great customer service as long as you don't become like crappy EA and so much potential, but potential seems lost.....  

lol you voted a 4 cus u believe tha GMs and GSs are trying...Oberonu, you have faith in these people more than a worshiper cleric believes in God.
or cos you're just a
here's a thing, nearly 730 days ago (2 years) , less or more, a stupid person decided to fix the DWO causing the whole server to fall in lag and crashs, yet we still in the same ...thing.
how funny, I don't think that there are actually GMs so they can "try"
ehh poor me, I wish I had as much faith as yours.


Rank 0
24 Feb 2013
PostedMar 03, 2013 6:31 am
I voted 2 cause:

1-first of all when you guys decide to bring a new game, like digimon masters, you have at least to make sure the game runs smoothly, cause having failed logins and errors all the time is getting anoying.

2-Since you cant do much about problem 1 at least compensate the players, giving trought quest or something free evoluters or something else that rewards the player for still trying to play this game, cause really if this goes on you will close the game in no time...

Thank for yur understanding, and i hope this isnt just another message to be read by frustrated players, and a message to be looked as how things have progressed in a good way.


Rank 3
12 Aug 2009
PostedMar 03, 2013 7:10 am
Voted 1

Bring Memphis back to where he was before. Almost every community in aeria loves him and you guys had to move him away for no legitimate reasons.

Wolfteam is dead.
Born to fire in closed for 5 month.


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08 Apr 2012
United Arab Emirates
PostedMar 03, 2013 8:45 am
Voted 1: Gunz

  • No Updates/Inactive GMS
  • No Gift Sytem
  • No Proper Clan System
  • Can't Delete Clan
  • No Ranking System
  • No Major Update
  • No News on what's going own
  • Just Updates Tiers then leaves.(It Makes you look like a money grabber company)
  • Sometimes Server Unstable
  • Still Have Hackers
  • One of the Worst Customer Service.(GrandFantasia Customer Service is more better.)
  • No Gift System
  • When the Hard do you guys plan to buy the copyrights?
  • Still Missing Items from the item mall
  • (Last but not the least) You Guys Put More GM In The Team for Gunz But Still Nothing Changes. No Communication With Players From The Forum , Giving Us Only Updates On Tiers. We All Made A Thread Regarding This And Was Hoping for A Response But Sadly No Fudge Cakes were given.. (Can't say bad words.. you know what i mean) Please Please Please!! Do Something About this. The Community of Gunz Are Always asking On What Will Happen Next.
    At Least You Can Start By Giving Us News Your "DOING" Something Rather To Ignore Us And Post More Tiers Threads.

Thank You For Reading This Feedback And I Hope Something Will Happen.


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22 Dec 2012
Chicago United States
PostedMar 03, 2013 10:58 am
Voted 3 (or was it 4..?) for Lime Odyssey.

  • Successful attempt to bring back the hype. Make it last.
  • Paladin is cool. He should be in my Pokeballz. That's how cool he is.
  • No date on Alpha.... (yet) But I'm excited. O:
  • -1 for making the forums feel lonely and ignored and sadface for a couple of weeks.

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Rank 5
03 Apr 2007
NYC United States
PostedMar 03, 2013 11:45 am
Siviard wrote:
How about a post that goes and thanks the players for their patience about lack of information or how about one that goes and states what the overseas development is. I highly doubt that's against anything, unless if foreign game companies have changed their policies since I left the hosting industry. Lack of information causes the community to basically cease caring and feel completely ignored. They finally give information after 6 months of silence and a reasonable person would be cautious to accept such information so readily, hence why I'm so critical on Aeria. I've talked with the people I know from the initial Alpha tests (roughly 40-60) and about 70% of them that have responded to anything I've sent to them have basically said "Who cares" regarding it.  

I've put a section in bold to explain to you that yes, Aeria really can not say much at all about overseas development for 2 reasons:
1. There hasn't been much development, besides what dedicated players have already brought up.
2. Cykan is very secretive in order to keep their game from having ideas stolen, thus they do not allow Aeria to post any huge updates, or have not as of yet.

Actually we've asked before for a post like that. Time and time again we got the response that they could not give any information on overseas development.

I think you don't quite understand the developers situation nor Aeria's situation. Not even the Korean publisher that Cykan Enterianment is with has given an overly huge development on the game just yet, if you expect Aeria to be able to, that is pretty insane. Cykan is very secretive with good cause. Aeria's under a leash in terms of news, even now we didn't get news about the development of the game, just that we'll have a testing phase soon.

I still talk to the people I've played alpha with (250+ peeps counting guild members/friends/new found friends), and they've eagerly awaited any sort of news. Now if only 70% of 40-60 people said who cares, that's not a lot considering people don't read/understand the situation at all/are naturally impatient. I know I'd be severely disappointed if for the last few months all the status reports said, "Oh thank you dear players, we have no news yet, but there is development overseas that we can not talk about, be prepared for next months status report! It'll be the same exact thing guys!".

Take a step back. Try to understand Aeria's situation. Be glad you got any sort of news/events at this time. It still surprises me quite a lot that we're having any sort of events and news this early.


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26 Jun 2011
Lisbon Portugal
PostedMar 03, 2013 2:13 pm
Maybe 2 because of all those hackers and also because wolfteam is kind of deing because aeria don't punish hackers and keep unbalancing the game.

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04 Aug 2009
Bełchatów Poland
PostedMar 03, 2013 2:36 pm
Back to 1 from last months 2
Some harsh truth

Your team that manages the tickets is either a bunch of 6 year olds, or really an automated computer since I multiple times put in a ticket with proof and got the same automated response when it says something stupid like "We cannot assist you with in game problems" even though I was talking about an actual account breaking ToS which is more than clear in proof...

Lord of Ages which is only game I still play has been abandoned AGAIN, with nothing from you guys for a year, we got a server merge ! And a lot of bugs that weren't fixed behind it.

You killed AvA and GunZ as streaming gameplay was impossible due to the HUGE gap in AP and Non AP guns on AvA and just the mess GunZ is in now.

There's no point for me to go on further, asking aeria to improve is like asking for Global Warming to go away.



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23 Oct 2011
United States
PostedMar 03, 2013 3:21 pm


voted 1 only because 0 isn't an option
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