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01 Jul 2012
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[Guides] How To Tame a Pet

What you need to have;
1) Patience
2) HP/Mana Orb or HP/Mana Potions
3) Taming Pet Scrolls.

Now lets go over the basics.
1) You CANNOT tame a pet higher than you.
2) If it fails to tame, just wait for the item to cool down and wait to do it again.

Types of pets;
1) Regular:
2) Baby:
3) Morphed:

/!*Notice how all the pets have their name and the difference of the body of a Morphed pet.*/!

These are the steps you must do.
1) Go to Beastmaster in Starglade
2) Go into ANY area of Monster Pet Island
3) Make sure you have the right scrolls to tame
3b) If you dont, its ok! Talk to Monster Island Trader to buy your scrolls!
4) Now! You choose which pet you want thats Morphed.
5) Attack/AFK those monsters! But keep an eye on your AFK. Also to make the pets HP go lower. The lower it’s HP, the greater chance you have taming it!
6) Once you see a Morphed Pet, tame it with your scroll!
7) Congratulations! You have just got yourself a Morphed Pet!
7b) Brag if you want.

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