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04 Feb 2013
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[OxK] OutKasts Recruiting [EOS]

[Open] [Recruiting] [Casual/Hardcore] [Age: 16+] [TeamSpeak3]

Apply Here: Here

Clan History-
We came from two different clans two different gaming styles to create one awesome clan. We were both kicked to the curb and used for our skill without much gratitude towards the members or main leaders. Having enough we broke off about the same time and met through other members. We call this fate; we agree that the clan should be about what members want and not about selfish acts from leaders in it for what they can get from it.

The birth of OXK OutKasts was 12/31/12 New Year’s Eve night. What we hope to accomplish is a fun, competitive clan that isn’t too big for members to get lost in a fray of members. Everyone will know everyone within OxK OutKasts and no hard work will go unseen within the clan.

In OxK OutKasts members are ranked but you will have freedom to build teams, in house tournaments, real world prizes and more. You will get out of OxK OutKasts what you put into the OxK OutKasts. We plan to be around for a long time and although we do not expect anyone to change their GamerTags you can feel free to do so if you wish. Our Clan Tag is simply OxK

Clan Supported Games-
Unlike many Clans who only support one game we support a few. You don’t have to play all of them but you can play as many as you like. We currently support the following games:

• Halo 4 (Xbox 360)
• Gears of War (Xbox 360)
• Battlefield 3 (PC and Xbox 360)
• Call of Duty Black Ops II (PC and Xbox 360)
• PlanetSide 2 (PC)
• DK Online (PC)

*More to come*


• 16+ (with exceptions for anyone below the age of 16)
• Mature
• Main Language: English
• Microphone (Ventrilo, TS3, Etc.)
• Fill out application here.

DK Online Guild Details:

• Level 1
• For Casual/Hardcore/Competitive Players
• PvP/PvE
• Helpful, Friendly, Social, Mature
• TeamSpeak3 (We have our own. Helps with communication and get faster help from us)
• Website (Our own personal website.)

Clan Ranking System:

- Boss (Leader)
- Enforcer (Co-Leader)
- Warlord (Captain/LT, third in command)
- Members (Filled out Application/Approved Member)
- Recruit (New to the Guild)

Apply Here: Here

How to apply?

1. Click here:Here
2. Login to your enjin account. Register if you don't have an enjin account.
3. Then fill out the application after you are logged into your enjin account.
4. For Referrer, put PolarBearJ.
5. Application can take up to 24 hours to be approved. So be patient.

Contact Us-

In-Game: PM or Mail

- Revitalized(Leader/Boss)
- Meticulous(Co-Leader)
- Dominate(Warlord/Captain)

We are always looking for people to promote to fill in our ranks.

We can be contacted either via our website: (Put PolarBearJ as the Referrer)




MrPolarBearJ's Youtube:

You may PM me on here if you have any questions as well.
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