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21 Jan 2013
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PostedFeb 27, 2013 11:47 am
Ethismos wrote:
I just wanted to ask the same question and since there is a thread about it i better do it here...

I played the game a while ago and the main issue was that i found it really hard to get in a guild and do low level dungeons, got a couple of boosts but that wasn't my idea of fun, so i gave up after a while and started EE and LoL...

I would like some advice about choosing a server ( my old char is at quill, lvl 38 ) and if paladins are still needed (played mine as healer at PvP and tank at PvE and really enjoyed it) and also any idea how fast it is to level? My main issue with EE was the time leveling required...

Thanks in advance.  

Well i play on Ponchee channel 1, i did so because that seems to always be the channel everyone is on xD As soon as i left the starter island i got guild invites. Not enough to spam me but 1 about every time i would play. I prefer to not be in a guild unless i really want too. But yea id say finding a guild on there is pretty easy.
And as for the dungeons, you just gotta be friendly and talk to other ppl your level and see if they wanna do it. Least thats my opinion.
And they have this new thing to were you get newbie quest till your lvl 30? I think. It only took me and my friend like a month or so to get to lvl 40 (and thats with playing only twice a week)
So if you want to interact with people id say channel 1 of any server c:
And i dont PvP so i cant help ya there. :>

Grand Fantasia / / Ponchee Channel 1 / / ZombiieBunny lvl 40+ <3


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06 Sep 2008
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PostedFeb 28, 2013 11:41 am
Game is TOTALLY worth returning to, its getting more and more active and actually on Ponchee the economy is slowly but steadily reducing. Quill on the other hand i have no experience on. Lots of new things to do and try Smile!!
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