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30 Aug 2012
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PostedFeb 28, 2013 12:31 am

CGUnited is now Recruiting

looking to Recruiting active player level 20 and up
Crimson Guards United Gaming Recruitment :
CGU Gaming. We’ve been established since 2003 playing various games. Our goal has been aimed towards uniting friends and expanding our game play on multiple gaming platforms.

CGU Divisions (Games) we are Currently Recruiting:
NA – East (Joker)
League Of Legends
World Of Warcraft
PLanetSide 2
And more…

Join CGU and be part of a growing gaming community!
Visit Our Website
Sign Up Today!

CGU Perks
A very active website and forums
A very active ventrilo and raidcall
A growing fan base for facebook and youtube
An amazing stream team on twitch
Tons for events and giveaways
So much more…

CGU Basic requirments
15+ years of age
Please have a headset/mic to communicate with (exceptions may be made)
Don’t be afraid to ask questions

More ways to reach us
Our website :
Ventrilo : Port : 3883
RaidCall : ID : 5383646
E-mail :
Also Try : YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Steam

CGU Network

Check Out and subscribe to our other channels as well

and we are in the EOS Relam too so you can get a hold of me in game name is CGUDarkness or Ventrilo thank you for your time


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30 Aug 2012
United States
PostedMar 09, 2013 7:13 pm
hey everyone CGUnited is still recruiting we are looking for a leader admins and member we have a website ventilo raidcall Facebook and other thing we do giveaways for everyone even Ur members too vent server is port 3883 ask for Darkness thank you
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