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11 Nov 2011
PostedFeb 27, 2013 10:15 am

Legacy Recruiting! <Titans>

Legacy Recruiting!

The Legacy alliance is in need of fresh blood! The many wars we have fought have left us with some vacant spots within our ranks.

All we ask of new members is a fighting spirit, commitment, some experience and the ambition to be part of a great alliance, made strong by the many not the few.

What do we have to offer:

-A cadre of experienced officers who can teach you everything there is to know
-A supportive community both in war and peace
-Safe and resource rich spots on several continents
-A well stocked ally store
-Max extra alliance quests

And ofcourse a great opportunity to experience every aspect of Golden Age in its fullest!

If you or your alliance are interested in joining Legacy, please contact Stiele, Bish or Xandares.

The Leader of Legacy,


and the Legacy Elders

Bish and Xandares
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