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11 Jun 2007
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PostedFeb 27, 2013 9:40 am

Scarlet Blade Forum Rules

In the past we have had games with some mature content. However, Scarlet Blade is our first game that is primarily mature in content. As such I wish to clarify the rules, and how they apply to our website.

1. The general rule is that all content in the public areas (forums, blogs, profiles, avatars, sigs, etc) should be suitable for age 13 (the minimum age to have an Aeria Account).

2. The content on the Scarlet Blade gamesite is not for general viewing, and is restricted. As such the content on that site may not be suitable for use on the public areas.

3. Scarlet Blade is a mature game, and has an age restriction. Screenshots, Movies, or other images of the game are not allowed to be visible in the public areas. The game has a mature rating, and it is expected that such content could be mature. Links to such content may be posted (in the Scarlet Blade Forums, or in Profiles/Blogs), but the images may not be displayed directly. This will allow those that wish to view this content to do so, without requiring that anyone who loads the page view it.

4. The Scarlet Blade gamesite has an age gate. Scarlet Blade has an age restriction. Any discussion on how to circumvent thes, or encouragement to do so is not allowed.

5. There is content provided for the Korean version that may not be appropriate for our website. This content should never be viewable directly, and should not be linked directly. You may link such content in a gallery, or as part of a collection (Forums, Profiles/Blogs).

6. Scarlet Blade is a mature game. It will not for everyone. If the amount of skin shown in game is an issue, you should try another game. These forums are not the place for discussion/debate over this issue. Attempts to debate, protest, or complain about these issues are not allowed.

    Additional Rules
  • Refrain from posting about threads that have been locked or deleted
    If a thread has been locked or deleted, it is because a moderator considered the content of the thread to be in violation of our Terms of Service or considered that there would be no further beneficial feedback gained from leaving the thread open. Further posting about a locked or deleted thread will be considered spam and action may be taken against the account. If you feel a thread should be unlocked, please contact us here.

  • Do not make posts asking for a GM, either by name or title
    While we do read all threads on the forums, requesting a GM in your post will not make us read the thread any faster or respond to the thread. Any posts of this nature are subject to deletion or lock. If you need to contact us, you may do so here.

  • Do not "necro" or "bump" threads
    Avoid posting to old threads for no reason (known as "necroing") or posting repeatedly to the same thread in an effort to get people to notice the thread. Posts violating this rule may be subject to lock or deletion.

  • Keep your threads relevant, mature, and within the Terms of Service
    This can include not posting threads all in caps, refraining from using profanity, avoiding "trolling" other players, and much more. Please use common sense when posting.

Please try to respect these rules. The common areas of the website (Portal, Forums, Profiles, Blogs, etc) are publicly accessible by people as young as 13. We do not want any undesirable images, discussions, or other content directly viewable in these areas. Links to Scarlet Blade related content (only where appropriate) rather than the images themselves, allow the user to avoid the undesirable content if they so wish. Profiles, Avatars, and Sigs are part of this common area, and should always maintain the necessary public standards.

We allow links to mature content ONLY for material directly related to our games, and only as described above. Links to other types of content, or not directly game related material may result in loss of service.

We realize that many of you may have Avatars/Sigs that violate these rules. We will give you a few days to resolve this yourself, then remove them if necessary. We will also go through and move any posts that are now in violation of these rules, to get the forums up to the requirements

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