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04 Jun 2011
Aleppo Syria
PostedFeb 26, 2013 10:56 pm

Kukuku guild

Hey guys MissSiaya here with some information:
I do have a guild called Kukuku and we are currently lacking members and it would be a good joy if you would come a join the guild with me and my friend.
Some things you should know when joining:

1) I will not always be online because I have school (junior Very Happy ) but I do have a second in charge to take and watch over you all when im gone, I will only be online on Saturdays till last day of school.

2) People who join the guild have to be active, if you are not active for two week and ONLY two weeks then I have to kick you Sad I don't like to kick anyone though

3) just have fun really, when you join Kukuku I will provide you with more information.

We are currently a Lv 2 guild on our way to Lv3, can't wait to see you
MissSiaya Cool
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