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26 Feb 2008
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PostedFeb 24, 2013 12:32 am

New Euro Cap pistol idea

PMR-30 (like a euro cap FN57 maybe)
It's a 30 round semi-auto pistol that shoots .22 WMR, which is a smaller bullet than FN57's bullet, 5.7x28mm. FN57 has 30 dmg so the PMR-30 could do something between like 25-30.
Also it could have a slightly higher stability but a little less accuracy. And maybe a ROF of 40-50. (FN57 is 70, Luger P08 is 50, Beretta 92FS is 35) Should have some penetration but less than FN57, and maybe less range since the bullet travels slower.
30/30 ammo by default? And maybe a slower reload than FN57 to balance the fact that it's a euro cap gun and 30 rounds. Mobility stat should be same as or close to FN57.

Random picture from google search:

Wiki all about the PMR-30:

Apparently they also have a test prototype (not for selling) that can shoot full-auto and empties the 30 rnds in ~1.5 seconds.
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