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03 Feb 2013
PostedFeb 23, 2013 8:00 pm

Solution to Constant lagging issues

This is one of the solutions for a specific laggin issue the other is increasing your memory...
Hi all,

I have been working on this for a while by gathering surveys, (thank's to all that responded), p.s. I'm not a GM like what some thought. I ask a lot about things like this because we are doing beta. I just want to help in anyway I can to come-up with a fun game for everyone =). admit it who loves getting killed in an rvr without noticing what hit you, with the exemption of Gamegod GM like dropkick, you really pulled a fast one on me there(dropped kicked! lol!), pls. record a lvl36 paladin in valkyrie morph fully buffed with 3k hp killed in one hit. but to note his, char wasn't lagging even with that super speed while others are and that supports my findings below:

As for lagging here are the results I have consolidated.

Issue: Constant lagging anywhere in game.
Symptoms: like getting pulled or freezing when calling a mount or teleport spell.
Cause: This is due to internet issues with your isp. There is something that ISP's call intermittent connection wherein your connection drops every couple of secs. This may be caused by congestion in your area.
How to test intermittent connection:
1. Open your command prompt
2. Type Ping www.(whatever website) then use /t for windows 7
example: ping /t
3. there will be a continuous reply should be received. time it for 1minute.
4. press ctrl+c then the continuous ping will stop and you get results. if it give you several packet looses you should call your ISP about. fix this issue and you will enjoy this game a lot more or any online game in that case.

well I this helps, I will bumb this thread soon when I'm not busy programming or playing the game. Smile

Let me know how it works for you,

Definition of Intermittent connection via some guy (he did not post his name) at

"It means that the connection to the Internet is not consistant. This may be caused by a loose wire or other connection, some other hardware problem, or if your connection is shared, there may be enough traffic going through the connection that your machine isn't able to maintain a solid connection to a machine outside of the network."
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