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05 Jan 2010
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PostedFeb 18, 2013 3:53 am

The invasion of Big Head Bash!

Server Merge Event! Come get some prizes! :D


"Attention! Attention!" yells Zeal. "We are in an all out war with Big Head Bash" he adds. "They have destroyed our wonderful land of DDTank and we need to get revenge!" "We need you guy the players of DDTank to invade the world of Big Head Bash!"

(Starts: Beginning of the Server Merge! - Ends: 2/19/2013)

Follow these directions exactly to be sure your entry can be counted!
1. Log into Big Head Bash here:
2. Create your character and reach Level 4!
3. Once you reach Level 4 take a screenshot and post it in HERE!.
4. Enjoy the rewards!

¹If you manage to find Tiff, in-game and screenshot her, you can win a bonus prize!

¹If you find Tiff, it must be in a match, not at the lobby.


Can you conquer Big Head Bash and show us you are worthy enough for these rewards?

x1 Energy Stone Lvl 4 (Bound)
Bonus: x1 EXP Pill Lvl 3 (Bound)  


Your entry must be submitted by 3pm PST February 19th 2013  


  • You may not use multiple accounts to participate.
  • All rewards are bound unless otherwise specified.
  • Must provide your entry before the deadline specified.
  • No cheating or plagiarism allowed.
  • All content must be PG-13.
  • No exceptions for participation outside of the set time frame will be given. Sorry!
  • Please allow a minimum of 4-7 business days for payout of your rewards!


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13 Apr 2011
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PostedFeb 22, 2013 1:55 pm
so this was only a one day event? And its over?
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