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26 Jan 2013
United States
PostedFeb 18, 2013 1:55 pm

Game mis clicking and turning black

My game has been having issues turning black or not loading. In the process when I click on something it totally clicks on something else. Its like spasming. Well I try to go to my gift box and click on specific immortals but every time even when I have scrolled down to click on a specific one, it just clicks on accept all and its no where even near it. I will scroll down 20 immortals and still clicks on accept all. Now I have my entire inventory full of unwanted immortals because I leave room to do evolution and sacrfice. I have bought +5 slots 3 times now today to make room for sacrificing and the same thing keeps happening.

On top of that it also clicks on immorals that I dont want to sacrifice. My lady lancelot was sacrificed and I didnt even want that to happen I didnt even get to cancel because it just clicked right through . Is there any way this can be reversed so I have all my room back and my card and have this issue fixed.
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