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13 Feb 2013
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PostedFeb 15, 2013 10:46 am

RE: Hackers

Why are aeria not doing nothing?!
What has aeria done?! they're supposed to be developing and countering this bs. Loads of people quit this, why would anyone wanna pay money for this? It's really ticking me off now, these hackers. You can't even play properly. EVERY SINGLE GAME. Get off your asses and do something, this is getting ridiculous. Their reporting system sucks too. Honestly, I don't see any progress, each time they patch it give it 2-3weeks it's back. Useless. Are they even looking into this, i'm seeing forum posts of SF players reporting ofc, but what have they actually done? and i'm pretty sure people can change their ip addresses and come back and hack again.
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