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07 Aug 2012
Toga United States
PostedFeb 13, 2013 6:25 pm
daheihei76587 wrote:
.absthegod. wrote:
mehh i don;t really care since Green is squishy but he always run too much, otherwise do whatever he want idc Very Happy  

yep ur right im squashy so i put more points on dex or my atk should be higher. Well if u stand too close to me my atk is gonna dropped almost 50% and as i said im squashy for both points i dont really find out a good idea other than just run around and ambush uSmile  

i know lol id kill you 5:1 if you didnt run but with you running its 1:5 Razz

Check yourself before you wreck yourself


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15 Jan 2013
Czech Republic
PostedFeb 13, 2013 7:53 pm
To Sarnah question you mad ? .. If not we all morons leting you kill us with no word.
To Hunter you are really crared of loosing that uber advantage hmm? if you answer and fight on every singe post that is ever close about your 30% DPS advantage.

NO MERCY fury lil kids that cover each other like they visit same basic school. So finish your burgers and keep telling on forum that you all ubers and light su* ...coz you press 3 bottons in this game better than any other.

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