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12 Dec 2010
PostedFeb 11, 2013 6:52 pm
Account Name: Deuces1904
NPC Name: Crackpot Ganesa
Character Name: Zaebos
Where We Met: Palaion Regnum (Bladewind Village)
Game: Shaiya EN

My beloved Crackpot
When I 1st saw you I laughed and thought you were a clown
Only to then realize that on your face was a horrible frown.
All the other girls made fun of you because of your name
But they were all just jealous that you were not the same...
same as they all claim to be; real.

Those other girls, they are not real but fake
You are not ashamed of your past addictions, or current mistakes.
But with your smile you bring this charm that just makes my heart beam.
Beam with happiness, with a sense of awareness that makes my eyes gleam.

I am glad cupid struck me stupid, for I would have not taken a chance on you
It is I Zaebos who takes your hand, the world takes on us two...
I love you.


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23 Feb 2012
PostedFeb 11, 2013 9:17 pm   Last edited by msbean69 on Feb 13, 2013 9:52 pm. Edited 1 time in total

[EVENT] Stupid Cupid

Account Name:msbean69
NPC Name:Herbalist Chang
Character Name:11migz11
I meet him at:Ling Chi Fortress
Game:Twelves Sky 2



Happy valentines day
For you i love
For you i hate
Happy valentines day
I can't belive you
we had a date but you were two hours late
Happy valentines day
when you never called i thought you got a new number
no, you were just ignoring me
Happy valentines day
i think about every night in my slumber
i wish we would fall in love, its true
Happy valentines day
i love you
i hate you
Happy valentines day
i called you
you never pick up
Happy valentines day
Will you ever talk to me again
Will i be able to live without you
Happy valentines day
No, you won't
No, i can't
Happy valentines day
Will I ever forgive you
Will you ever wish we fall in love
Happy valentines day
No, no, no
I won't
You won't
Happy valentines day
so no matter what i will always love you
even if you don't want me to
Happy valentines day
I hate you
I love you
Happy Valentines Day <3


Heroic Founder: Soldier Front 2
20 Jul 2012
PostedFeb 11, 2013 10:06 pm

Account Name: SteelThunder
NPC Name (Weapon): Gold Desperado
Where We Met: Weapon Bomb
Game: Soldier Front

So deadly, you have saved my life
So golden, you are beautiful to eyes
Up close, you are better than any knife
So I must say, I love my weapon, you guys!


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06 Nov 2012
PostedFeb 11, 2013 10:51 pm

Re: [Event] Stupid Cupid!

Valentine's Day event and AP prizes, say whut?

Account Name: ricdude07
NPC Name: Dinah
Where We Met: Resoucre Quary
Game: Wartune

Oh Valentine, Valentine

Oh Valentine, Valentine! Won't you be mine?
Words called out to my one so divine
If the feeling is mutual then let heart intertwine
Oh Valentine, Valentine! I'll never find

Oh Valentine, Valentine! I'm lost in the lust
One look and I'm trembling, afraid and nervous
With hope that an angel will help from above
Oh Valentine, Valentine! A one sided love

Oh Valentine, Valentine! Won't you be mine?
On this one day of yearning, when souls intertwine
My brittle heart breaks upon words of decline
Oh Valentine, Valentine! You'll never be mine


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11 Aug 2010
PostedFeb 11, 2013 11:20 pm

love is wild :D

Account name : Zishanpvp
Npc name : Caitlina
Where we met : Huigronn Stronghold,Adellia
Game : Shaiya EN

love is wild ,
mouth is shut,
heart is beating,
eye is winking,
lips are squishy ,
hands are cold ,
legs are vibrating,
mind is blank ..
but the feeling are great ..
and your breathing are hot and stream Very Happy


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27 Feb 2011
PostedFeb 12, 2013 12:38 am
Account name : Suukei
Character Name: Suukei.LX1
Npc name : Zhao Yun
Where we met : Gate, Wei
Game : DWO (Dyansty Warriors Online)

A small Haiku for Zhao Yun

My brave warrior
My gentle warrior
General Zhao Yun


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11 Dec 2012
PostedFeb 12, 2013 1:13 am
Jesid you travel far and wide,
I will roam the world to be by your side.
I have the the gold and you have the seeds,
Together let us make those magical beans.

For you know what they say?

Magical beans, beans are good for your heart.... (What was the rest of that saying!?)
Maybe it has something to do with that Lich that seems to have died downwind of you... Very Happy
I hope that is not you enjoying the smell of your own brew...

Account Name: Aelitalily
Character Name: Aelitalily
Npc Name: Jesid
Where we met: Travelling merchant but our encounter was in Kaslow
Game: Grand Fantasia


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13 Sep 2012
PostedFeb 12, 2013 2:08 am

Stupid Cupid

For you&#9829;

Account Name:fatedToKillYou
NPC Name:Barok
Where WE met:Gulu Kingdom

Your So cute barok !
i want to hug you
and kiss you ♥

~i love you ♥♥♥


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03 Apr 2012
PostedFeb 12, 2013 2:22 am

Stupid Cupid!

LhadiiePunkz And Barok&#9829;

NPC Name:Barok
Where We met:Gulu kingdom

My hair is Pink,My Outfit is Pink
Your Eyes is Green,Your Hat is Blue
Your so Cute ♥♥ And i Want To hug you
And kiss you..

~Happy Valentines ♥


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16 Jan 2007
PostedFeb 12, 2013 2:28 am

Account Name: scionw
NPC Name: Asten [Thief]
Where We Met: Ledise City
Game: Dragon Knight Online

I round the corner and you stole my heart
And I try to utter
but my heart is aflutter
I drop to my knees
And I say baby please
but you tell me I am only a piece of art

Ebilfish and Mokona promised me this badge to patch my heart

(´ー`) lol i tried...don't judge me...
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