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06 Feb 2013
PostedFeb 08, 2013 6:04 am

PaySafe Card Questions?!

Paysafe Card, Section choose region zones, Aeria Points and Soldier Front. ?!?!?
Dear Aeria Gamers or Soldier Front (Special Force) players,

Firstly, I am very proud of myself that I play Soldier Front. Secondly I have a few questions about purchasing Paysafecards in the Netherlands. I really want to buy Aeria Points with Paysafecard (minimum 50 euros), but when I'm on the forum view that there are many people who have problems with this payment method.

Now the questions!

Is it possible in the Netherlands to pay with Paysafecard?

And you can maximum proceed is 25 euros, how can I use the 50 euros (in one/all in one) card/ticket from PaySafe card? Can I this same tickets (50 euros) do use twice?

If I visit the payment ( site, there is option to which region, (example Espanol-EUR) you live. I am living in the Netherlands, thus i should have choosen the ''Europe-English'' section for a good running payment? Thus the specific question: Belongs the Netherlands category Europe-EUR?

And finaly I've read that if you are new buyer that after the payment has to wait 24-72 hours for security reasons and then you get points after waiting for transaction. Is this true?


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