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PostedFeb 06, 2013 8:31 pm

Shadowmage's Spectral Knight Aspect

Once upon a time, in a not so distant land, a young lv42 shadowmage decided to grab and level Spectral Knight Aspect to lv3. The skill reads "Increases your own and your party members' resistance to abnormal statuses by x for 20 minutes."

At lv1, x is 400. At lv2, x is 700. At lv3, x is a staggering 1000.

This shadowmage recently participated in the castle siege at Labronia. Died quite a few times protecting her allies by healing the wounded, and deflecting attacks from the enemy, oftentimes with a debuff or two thrown at her. A few hours later, military officials from Ledise have estimated that this young shadowmage was defeated at the hands of the Labronia castle defenders at least 15 times.

For her valiant efforts at what historians later dubbed the Siege of Labronia, this young shadowmage was awarded the Ledise Medal of Honor, becoming the symbol of aspiration for all shadowmages everywhere. The end.


Okay, storytime's over.

Unless I am mistaken, we normally call abnormal statuses "debuffs". So, skills like Poison Arrow, Bind, Deathblow, and Solar Flare each throws a debuff on target(s) of the player's choosing.

What I'd like to know is, has any shadowmages (or anyone really) with this buff actually resist (or dodge. However you'd like to word it, really) any debuffs thrown at them? ...Because I was hit by every debuff thrown at me during castle siege today. And half of the debuffs I was hit with, I'm pretty sure, goes along the lines of "has a chance of inflicting (debuff name here)" instead of "100% chance of inflicting (debuff name here)". Unless that is a typo, because all of my "has a chance" debuff skills always hits, even if the initial damage does not.

A paladin friend said he once had bind miss on him, but I do not think it is helpful that much because, unless I am mistaken, paladins have a passive skill or two that allows them the chance to resist debuffs.


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PostedFeb 07, 2013 1:30 am
Reaps989 wrote:
After getting help from Ona and Kasimira, we've tested 1/3 and 3/3 of this skill.

There IS a reduction, we used Sorc's Bind/Root as it was the clearest.

Sorc's bind lasts for 9.5 seconds without (So, the duration listed is wrong)
SK 1 reduced it to 8.9s-9s
SK 3 reduced it to 8.9-9s

It was in the shoutbox from another GM stating it was CC reduction, aka the time of CC was reduced by it. However, from testing from 1/3 vs 3/3 the value is not increased enough.  


Spectral Knight Aspect simply reduces the duration of debuffs. We tested a sleep, a root, two slows, a stun, and a DoT. The initial level of SKA had a small effect on all of them; no improvement was observed with levels two and three.

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