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13 Nov 2012
PostedFeb 06, 2013 9:44 am

Account name : xenome_id

The game I've screenshot: Alliance of Valiant Arms [AVA]

The Full name of the NPC: Regiment of NRF marines.

The map where the NPC is located: E-Boat.

A short poem <3 :

I want to kiss your reddish lips
I want to touch your rosy cheeks
I want to hear your lovely voice
Although it can make a loud noise

I will forget all my sorrow
Just to be with you ..........

Took me some time to realize there is actually an NPC on AVA :d


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04 Jan 2011
PostedFeb 06, 2013 10:02 am

[Event] Stupid Cupid!

Love is in the air...

Account Name: nekokamikawaii
NPC Name: Airy
Where We Met: Limestone Mtn. / Andrew V.mine
Game: Eden Eternal En Español

I love you with all my heart
Right from the very start

Our love grows stronger everyday
With everything you do and say

Happy Valentines Day
Our love is here to stay.


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30 Sep 2012
PostedFeb 06, 2013 10:48 am   Last edited by Snakebite79 on Feb 06, 2013 11:00 am. Edited 1 time in total

Valentine's Contest

Account name : SnakeBite79

The game I've screenshot: Shayia Phoenix

The Full name of the NPC: Lana Fairwind

The map where the NPC is located: Apulune

We go together like a skunk and stink
Ever time I see ya my eye starts to wink.
Yer love fer me is like a roll of duct tape
Ya hold me together each time I break.

I love it when ya burp and fart
It’s music to my ears that soothes my heart.
And the sound of ya snorin’ right in my ear
Always brings to my eye a big ol’ tear.

Yer hair is soft like a dogs hairy knees
But I’m sure happy you ain’t got no fleas!
Yer chest is so purty and so is yer mouth
And I can’t even tell ya how I love what is south.


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17 Apr 2010
PostedFeb 06, 2013 10:50 am   Last edited by SexiSyren on Feb 06, 2013 12:37 pm. Edited 2 times in total
Account Name SexiSyren (-Di)
Npc Name Elen Supilia ( our blacksmith)
Where we met our guildhouse.
Game Shaiya

Ode to my Blacksmith

When we first met
I was just a newb...
Praying for a sonic
to link in my boots...

Throughout the years
oh how our relationship grew..
My heart you did capture
When my luck at linking would stay true...

Our love is one of such bittersweet
When your heart shines pure for me
its truly something for all to see....
On the days you are evil
even with bonus linking in place
You fill my heart with rage so evil to me....

You took my breath away
when you broke my gears....
Your beauty so deceptive
how could I forget lucky charms werent here....

I think the time has come
for all to see...
I want 100% instead of 1 in 5
A PLH is so much better for me.

Such sorrow you have given me
as I bid you adeiu
but have no fear my love
I am sure I will return to you....

Happy Valentines Day!


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02 Dec 2012
PostedFeb 06, 2013 11:22 am

Account Name: Ievikokonoe
NPC Name: Guard
Where We Met: Enocia
Game: Scarlet Blade

I'm in love with a tin can
I'm in love with a tin can
I'm in love with a tin can

tin can, tin can, tin can

I'm in love with a tin can
I'm in love with a tin can
I'm in love with a tin can

tin can, tin can, tin can

I'm in love with a tin can
I'm in love with a tin can
I'm in love with a tin can

tin can, tin can, tin can


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15 Jul 2012
PostedFeb 06, 2013 1:27 pm

Account name : ijjiAngry
NPC Name : Prisoner Goblin
Where we met : Prison
Game : GunZ The Duel

Since my Goblin got a computer
My love life has taken a hit.
Nothing I say is important
Unless it's a byte or a bit.

Prisoner Goblin
I love you so much
I would even share some fudge.

Met you in prison
Love on first sight
I directly knew I was right.


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04 Mar 2009
PostedFeb 06, 2013 2:24 pm

LOve letter(poem)

Game: DDtank EN
Server: Serpent
Character: Sunflower
NPC: Eggena
MAP: RunRunChicken Norm Stage 3 (final stage)

Dear miss eggena,

why are you so mad,
Fat beautyful chicking thats not so bad,
I feel you love when you put you butt on my head,
and when we win and leave i feel a little sad.
Talk to me you flirty HEN..
unles you go for men?!
Dont break my heart stay with me
We watch the SUN go down
Together you and me become a we.

With love,



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28 Feb 2010
PostedFeb 06, 2013 3:20 pm

You, my lizard
Whenever i see you, i feel weird

Is it love that make me this way ?
Life will be more beautiful

If you ask me to wife, I'd say yes but
If you do not want to marry me
Then I would have to kill you ...

Game : Lastchaos USA
Server : Katrissa
Character : OMGWTF
Account Name : adri1crj
NPC : Lizard's Pet Trainer
Meet Place : Juno, into the flowers.


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02 Jun 2009
PostedFeb 06, 2013 4:39 pm

Account Name: criss200
NPC Name: Alicia Lopez
Where we met: Apulune
Game: Shaiya

Since i met u,
u made me poor,
my dear BlackSmith,
u'll BREAK my heart too?

But even if u do,
plz remember,
i'll always love u
and this is true!!!!!


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30 Aug 2012
PostedFeb 06, 2013 4:40 pm
Account Name Oceandluffy
Npc Name Noda
Where we met, The rat infested Streets of Labonia
Game Dk Online

I shall concoct a potion
that will allow me to write this poem
for this lovely lady
give me something ohhhhhh myyy lovely potion
as i drink it and begin to notion
Here goes
As it explodes in my mouth
thus coursing the verses
inhale out loud
You are indeed more fairer than the queen of Ledise
I dare say this
because i shall conquer it and pronounce u as my lady
and on that day
we shall celebrate
the union
of you and I
As the sun meeting the sky
for the first time
uniting our vows
as the moon and the stars
pronounce us as one...
"Potion__ Is__ Wearing__ Off"
somehow , someway
somewhere, and someday
my feelings will reach you
from the place i dwell
by the well
where u can not tell
because i'm a mere coward
under a spell
of this witch
which i will someday
dispell and seek you out my fair lady...
Just ...
Wait for me...

Atm... Escaping this shadowmage's grasp...
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