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03 Feb 2013
United States
PostedFeb 04, 2013 5:10 pm

LF> Clan |Red Col|1.5kd|3% Accuracy|M4|PSG1|

LF Clan
Hello, I am DrS:aiNtS. I have been playing Sfront since January 2007 when I was 12. I helped found "Shotterz" which was the rank 22 clan back in 2007 and I was the m4 for my nats team. I have quit sf on and off and am always looking for a good clan community to talk to and scrim with.

I have a working mic, vent, ts, skype, or can dl any other speaking software.
I live in EST and play around 1-3hours/day.

Previous clans: Mafia, Shotterz, Fantasy, Ant1pro, DRStyle
Main Weapons: dM4 > bdPSG1 > AK47
Rank: Red Colonel
KD: 1.478
Accuracy: 3.000%
Age: 17
Skin Color: Black
Favorite Activity: Long walks on the beach
Favorite Food: Fried Chicken
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