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03 Aug 2012
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PostedJan 31, 2013 1:41 pm

The Winner Of Sloskyinator Contest Check Video

So The Contest Is Here check it out

The Results For The Video Is Posted On The video Put Your Volume Highest Because ill be Talking
in the video and if you cant hear or dont have speakers some how wait till the end there
is a credits section where i posted it

Next Contest In 500 Subscribers Keep Subscribing Till We Make Another One

Soon There Will be Top 3 Kill Feeds Contest Every Month Where People Send me there Feeds
and the best feeds will be posted on a video where other people can download the clips
and edit this way more clips to edit, And Become More Famous if you are interested
in this idea please contact me if you want to do something like this in partner..

Winners Get 1.570 AP And A Request From TeamFresh
2nd Place Gets SubBox For 1 Month And If Video Good Chance To Join TeamFresh
3rd Gets SubBox 2 Weeks

1. You Must Be Subscribed to Me []
2. Video Must Be Almost 30 Secounds
3. Must Use TeamFresh Intro

1. Looking For Good Sync
2. Do Real Quality Work
3. Dont Use Movie Maker

Download Links

First Clip :

Second Clip :

You Can Edit Any Time But The Contest is Finish
Only Can Use If You Put My Name In Description
Like On Facebook :
Follow On Twitch :
Youtube Channel : (Main Channel)

Got Any OCE, Or Any Troll Videos Please Upload Them
MediaFire And Inbox Me the Videos Troll Videos Will Be On Sundays (When Enough Video Collected)
Please Like, Subscribe And Shar[url]e My Videos
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