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28 Jul 2012
PostedJan 30, 2013 6:23 pm

What will it take for you to Wake up Aeria?

This is more of a post I feel like it’s gonna be a rant, but it has a logical point to it at the same time.

Aeria, now has had GunZ launched on their site and server now for over half a year, and still it pretty much looks exactly the same as it did since day 1. The service to it is completely slacked and is utter ridiculous. Sorry but IJJI did more in a day for GunZ even right before they closed then Aeria has done in over half a year.

As a 6 year GunZ player, and having played a lot during that 6 year period I know what majority of GunZ desire business wise. Along with that we should know as any business/ company wants; is money. This will lead me to a first point.

Item Mall, face it we all know it to be true… complete garbage. Terribly set up, random bounty items in there for AP, and ¾ of the items ever created for GunZ that used to be in the shop back on IJJI are just completely missing. Aeria wants money off that disaster? Sorry not gonna happen. It’s like going into a Walmart and finding sports equipment in the food freezers. You’re just not gonna find anything, nor make much profit off the mess and possibly end up driving some people away. Following this concept aswell, makes the Tiered Spender things completely ridiculous, since you have to spend a set amount of AP points to get them, but here’s the problem, what do they want you to spend AP on? There’s nothing good in the shop, leaving the logic behind those things completely dumb.

I’m pretty sure Aeria is just sitting back now trying to see if GunZ Is making enough money for them to even bother, but true thing is they will never truly find out for sure if they don’t give players what they want. One of the simplest business marketing techniques, supply and demand. Aeria wants its money and we want our stuff. Don’t get our stuff and they won’t get as much money as they want. I know a lot of people want IOTD to come back but doesn’t look like Aeria will do that either, though they should, cause it's a good way for them to make MONEY. For example I remember back on IJJI for 3 years after deities was released it would sell out 100 copies at $30 a set in a matter of an hour. So Aeria hope you listen to that section, cause do the math, that’s $3000 in a matter of an hour, pretty good money if you ask me. That went on for 3 years too.

There still is potential for GunZ but unless the service gets provided to help GunZ then in the greater scheme of things then Aeria is actually just gonna lose more money really. Could either just let it sit and die the way it is now or bother to try to restore it back, so it’s enjoyable for players again and make more profit on it at the same time.

On a small second note; having clan pages returned would be much appreciated aswell, would make it easier for clans o stay up and be managed better. Once again being something that would keep people around more.

/inb4 troll remarks, QQ’s, and tl;dr
Aeria needs a smack to the face and hopefully this gives em one.
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