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30 Jul 2012
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PostedJan 29, 2013 3:37 pm

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Need for Speed World!

By now the community has noticed a couple of new additions to Need for Speed World such as the 8,888 in-game cash reward from the Lucky Draw. Over the next two week we’re going to be celebrating the Chinese New Year in style!

The Lucky Draw reward is just one part of the celebration; in honor of this special occasion we’ve also added a new circuit race to the game called Lunar Circuit! This 5.7KM open class event will take you and five opponents through the heart of China Town in Need for Speed World. To make it a bit more technical we’ve closed off all the shortcuts along the route to ensure that only the best, most skilled drivers win. It’s in the game now!

But the celebration doesn’t end there; we’ve also introduced a new Chinese New Year themed Aftermarket Pack that rewards you with exclusive Chinese New Year license plates. Once you’ve got your plates you can also celebrate with the brand new Chinese New year Vinyl Pack available for free when you top up your SpeedBoost!

We’ve got a couple more Chinese New year surprises lined up including a community event but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for more details!
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