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29 Oct 2012
PostedJan 29, 2013 6:18 am

LF friendly, helpful, english speaking guild :)

Lvl 20 shadowmage (going healer build) looking for a friendly, helpful, english speaking guild Smile I haven't chosen a faction yet, so I can join either sides guilds. I would prefer to join the losing side though, which I've read is Eos.
It would be nice if the guild has a few EU players so I won't be online on my own during the times I can play.

A bit about me. I'm somewhere inbetween a casual and hardcore player. Always aiming towards being a better player and learning new things, but playing games for fun and not to be a sore loser who always wants to win. I don't care much for being part of the elite group of the game, but prefer to be part of a close knit guild or group of friends with who I can have some fun outside rl.
I've played dko since the start of closed beta, but never reached a higher lvl than 25. That means I know the basics of the game but still got a lot left to learn.

I'm looking forwards to hear from a nice guild. Smile
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