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04 Dec 2012
PostedJan 27, 2013 7:02 am

How does damage actually calculated?

first I want to ask, Does VIP player received any benefits in dueling/battling players?
Since I cancelled my VIP, I feel so weak when dueling VIP players. I did check their stat and astral and things doesnt make sense to me. at first I just ignore this, but now I want to mention it out since this happened to me more than 20 times dueling.
(I wont mention names, and estimated value, not true value. example: I will write 11.285 as 11.200, and I wont mention some astral and mount since all value from astral and mount is already added and shown as total in player stat with some exception)
the damage is based on basic attack/basic skill such as lightning bolt, and my bolt is maxed.
first: me as Mage versus another Mage
My stat: Magic Attack: 11.200 Magic defense : 8.300 Physical Defense: 6.300 (Lv.55)
Astral againts mage: damage reduction -12% and will power damage+25%
Others: medal +18% damage to and - 8% damage from player

My opponent: Magic Attack: 10.300 Magic defense: 7.900 (Lv.55)
Astral: will power damage +25%
Other: crusader medal, +20% damage to and - 10% damage from player.

Im dueling this mage around 3 times! and the thing I found is that I deal around 3k damage to him while he deal around 2.5k damage to me. the only 500 damage difference doesn't make sense to me. I had 900 more magic attack, 400 more magic defense and -12% damage reduction. I should be able to deal more or receive less more.

Just now Im dueling another VIP player which is a knight. same level (Lv.55)
with P.Atk : 11.300 and M.Def: 5.300
Astral: will power damage +25%
Other: same medal as mine, Elite Warrior.

the result is I received 5.3k damage from him and I deal 5.2k damage to him (Average damage so far). Note that he doesn't has -12% astral reduction like me and I have better defense.

so my conclusion is VIP player probably received some invisible benefits in dueling (Im not sure though) and the Goddess's Blessing Astral is bugged. *those 2 players are just 2 example from many dueling I had which I think the damage value isn't based on how damage is calculated.

also to mention that 1 of mage's talent isn't working as how it should be. Focus (Talent) should be reducing rage consumption by 50%, but it appears to be 30% instead of 50%.


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05 Aug 2011
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PostedJan 27, 2013 7:12 pm
VIP doesn't affect combat in anyway.

Base damage is (Attack - Defense) /2 then you get your base damage. then there is the base float range of 90%-110%.

Knights single target skill damages are higher than Mage single target damage. Their single target abilities will always hit more than your lightning bolt if similar attack and defenses.

Goddess's Blessing works it takes it off after Damage is decided. I've tested damage ranges with it on and with it off vs the same person in duels in chambers where you can test this stuff over and over.

Focus is 30% on the tooltip in game when you have the buff stats 30% and grants 30% reduction. In the Talent page yes it says 50%, but could just be a typo there. As there is also typo where Survival has an X where it is supposed to have the number of seconds it increases. I have tested it the day talents came out. It is reducing by 30% like the buff states.

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