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13 Jun 2011
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PostedJan 26, 2013 9:38 am

Looking for guild

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Hey guys. My old guild sadly died, and since my return to Eden, I haven't managed to find a guild that really has everything I want. So I'm posting in hopes someone on these forums will help me out and give a guild that will have a place for me and that meets my own requirements.

About Me
IGN: Soalai Level: 61
Location: eastern United States (GMT-5)
Age: 19
I've been a pretty active player of EE since open beta, or have at least tried to be. I mainly play healer classes, specifically shaman, and occasionally DPS. I suck at PvP, but I do play arena lots simply for the EXP and shennanigans. I play the game for the social and PvE aspects; I love to do dungeons, quests, and craft gear. I tend to be an extreme weakling when compared to the rest of the bracket, and usually die in two hits in 3v3 or TW, but my skills as a healer should be fine for most dungeons and trials you put me in. I like to be active on the forums and in guild chat, helping others out and advancing in the game in equal amounts.

I Want A Guild That Is...
Active. I'd prefer at least 3-5 other members online at a time, doing stuff in parties. Similar timezones to my own would be nice. Nothing says "dead guild" to me like me being the only one online.
Chatty. This is a must! I can't have a quiet guild chat. I want conversations and jokes going on at all times. If you have a TeamSpeak server, I'd try to get on there as well. I see a guild as a social endeavor and I want a place where I can find friendliness and humor in addition to teamwork.
Resourced. A guild town is a must - if you don't have one, don't even contact me. I'm willing to make some gold and fame donations, but I'd prefer if it weren't a requirement. If an officer is around to help me dump or get stuff in and out of the guild warehouse, that would be nice (I tend to have a lot of crap I don't need, and I would like to share it with others).
Not Elitist. I am by far one of the squishiest and worst-geared people in the 60-69 bracket, and I know that. I want a guild that won't pick on me, won't bash me in the arena, and won't hate when I try to do quests in TW. I do just fine in PvE, and I don't have the gold to spend on yellow gear. If I'm part of a guild I want to at least be respected.

If you think your guild is what I'm looking for, send me a private messages or add me and whisper when I'm online!



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09 May 2012
Neko Land, India
PostedJan 26, 2013 10:08 am

Here u go~

Come join our [Illumina] Family :3. I bet u won't feel lonely :3. ^^We r lvl four with a town :3 active and fun If u want more info abt us pls go here
Pls reply on this link :3 or pm anyone of us for inv Smile
Have a nice day~~
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