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Aeria: Product Manager
03 Oct 2012
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PostedJan 22, 2013 11:12 pm

S1 Only [Promotion] Limited Edition – Magic Box!

Jan 23rd - Jan 29th

Limited Edition – Magic Box!
S1 Only
Start: Jan, 23rd, 00:01 AM PST
END: Jan, 29th, 11:59 AM PST
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Test your luck with the Magic Box! Available for only a short period of time, Magic Boxes will be on sale in the Shop.

65 Balens – Magic Box – Open to randomly receive ONE of the following:

• Epic Miraculous Shard x1 (Used in exchange for level 50/60 Legendary Stones)
• Soul Crystal x5
• Mount Training Whip x2
• Crypt Token x10
• Epic Miraculous Shard Box x1 (Contains Epic Miraculous Shard x100)

Special Discount Price: Magic Box x100 for 5995 Balens

Note: You may only purchase 400 Magic Boxes per day.
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