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30 Jul 2012
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Maintenance at 12:30AM of Thursday!! (Updated 11/13)

That's 12:30AM in the morning!

Wartune will be going down at 00:30 PST It will last about 3 hours.
We invite you to try out our other Aeria Browser titles while you wait or you can just hang out in our shoutbox and chat with the GameMasters and GameSages until we can verify the game is ready to be opened again for all players!  


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30 Jul 2012
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PostedJan 22, 2013 6:13 pm

Wartune will be going down at 00:01 PDT (Midnight) It will last about 3 hours.

Patch Notes for August 5th
1. Localization Changes

Old patchnotes
Patch Notes for July 24:
1. Fixed a display issue with the Christmas Hat.
2. Optimized the date display for Hot Events.
3. Added Level 9 clothing, Level 7 and Level 8 Mounts.
4. Fixed various localization errors.

Patch Notes for August 1st
1. Change the first recharge rewards


1. Placing a losing wager will earn the player Glory Crystals equal to half the amount of Balens put towards said wager.
2. Grizzled Battle Bear Card and Frost Lynx Card are now on sale in the Glory Shop. The Hawkstrider Card has been removed.
The Alpaca Card and Piggy Card prices have been reduced.
3. Fixed a bug with Lvl. 70 Legendary Stones.
4. Fixed text issues.


Thursday 4/25/2013
Time: 12:00am-2:00am
1. Optimizing novice guidance system
2. Optimizing Scene Shifting to speed up system reaction times
3. Fixing a bug that causes “event does not exist” to repeatedly show up
4. Fixing bugs on Holy Seal
5. Fixing several textual mistakes.  

Patch Notes for 4/18:
1.Punk Fashion will be available in the store!
2.Optimization in the cross-server ranking system
3.Revise on several textual problems.  

Patch Notes for 4/9:
Time: 7pm-9:00pm
Spire and Multi-Dungeon optimization aiming at removing Black screen and sticking problem.

Starter Guidance Optimization

Adjusting available limit of first recharge bonus and legendary items to level 15

Remove bugs of the wrong reward sending time on cross server battle

Adjusting the description of Lvl. 60 Legendary Stone and Ancient Boxes.  

Patch Notes for 3/21:

1. *Redeem time of Solo- Arena general rewards will be revised to 18:00 server time.
2. Enhanced Bounty Scroll is now stackable.
3. Changes to Astral UI so all Astrals will be collected upon exiting the Astral UI.  

Patch Notes for 3/12:
1. Level requirements for Ring and Band of Divine Rage have been lowered to level 5.
2. Groups now have 20 summoner attempts in Nightmare dungeons.
3. Full screen mode has been added.
4. Fixed various language and interface issues.  

Patch notes for 01/22
-Removing the Christmas theme
-Optimizing the Database
-Deploying February Events

Patch notes for 12/19
1. Hot item list in the store will be renewed.
2. Other textual bugs revises.

Patch notes for 12/12:
1. Facebook quest will be removed
2. New Patch 1.46!

Patch notes for 12/05:
1. A clock has been added next to the minimap to display server time.
2. Edited Tips Displayed When Hovering Over Buttons in Menu Bar.
3. Fix the Tree of Ancients Error.
4. Minor Localization Changes.

Event: Samhain Alchemy!
12/10 – 12/31 23:59 (Server Time)

Use Gold Alchemy (5)

1 Christmas Treasure Box

The druids believe Samhain, the harvest time, is a time when mystical powers are at their strongest. Practice your alchemy skills by using Gold Alchemy 5 times and you will receive 1 Christmas Treasure Box!

Christmas Treasure Box
Open and randomly receive one the following items:
• Kyanite Pack
• Crypt Token
• Enhanced Bounty Scroll
• Rose
• 1-5 Gem Pack
• Christmas Shard"
A special Christmas present from Santa himself!  

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