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20 Nov 2012
PostedJan 21, 2013 6:20 am

my suggestion about FASHION

hi, i think it's getting boring lately. i find that the fashion has never
as i know about another games, they will update fashion for once in a week
or more.
but i see at archive always same fashion.
please update it.
and 1 more, how about you provide salon? so, we can change our hair, hair
color, eyes, eyes color, mouth, lipstick (female) and stuff.
i think u provide makeover cosmetical but it's in AP.
it's not i want to compare to another game, but i want you to provide it
the salon can use gold and you can change to standard options (like when
the 1st time we created character).
or, if u want to provide wig or another despite standard options, you can
sell it with AP or gold in some events.
thanks, i love playing your game. i think if u update the fashion, you will
increase the player mood and get more people to play.
I wanted to play eden because it looks cute and the fashion is
good. but has never update.
making something new in altar is a good way too.
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