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28 Jul 2012
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PostedJan 19, 2013 10:49 am

Jewel Farm Chances

What exactly are the chances of winning the "Featured" items?

I have a question regarding the "Jewel Farm," and the chances it presents to obtain certain items.

In the Jewel Farm there are 18 total cards, 5 of which can be flipped over and the shown item will be that which you recieve. My question is: what are the chances are to receive certain items? For example, as of right now, my "Jewel Farm" has the "Bazooka" and "Undead Axe" shuffled into the cards. They take up 2/18 spots - In a scenario where the cards were truly randomized, and the player had just as much chance to flip those over as any other - I would have a 11.11% chance of getting them both. Is this true for the "Jewel Farm," or is it like the "Fortune Wheel" where each individual item has its own assigned probability of being won - For example - Blue Ring would be 1/3 and a Boomerang would 1/250. Is this how the "Jewel Farm" items are determined to be won? Or maybe, are the "Jewel Farm" items predetermined? Would the items be chosen before I player even begins to flip the cards?

I am sure this question's answer will dictate the actions of many players today. I believe the lack of knowledge, when it comes to a players odds of winning decent items, is unfair.
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