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Aeria: Product Manager
26 Sep 2011
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PostedJan 17, 2013 1:05 pm
squashking wrote:
lancetronic wrote:
Thanks for the feedback!

I've gone ahead and updated the reward descriptions to explain it clearly. These rewards are meant to help everyone try out the Costume Alchemy system or make it easier for current users to try it out more.

Enjoy! Smile

Side note: look at my new avatar picture! Very Happy  

Thanks for updating ! At least now we know the reward before we have to spend.

Just one thing I would like to be sure of is that if I redeem at level 2 means I will get only level 2 rewards right ? Or is it level 1 and 2 like tiered spender ?

Also I see the cool down is 24 hours, so i assume the reward will change daily ?  

If you redeem a certain level, you only get that levels rewards. Example, redeem level 4 and you will get to choose from level 4 rewards, but will not receive anything related to level 1, 2, or 3.

Also, 24 hours is how long the event lasts. So, after the 24 hours is up, there will be no more rewards available for that particular event.

Hope this explains it! Smile

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