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Aeria: Product Manager
03 Oct 2012
United States
PostedJan 11, 2013 6:12 pm

[Promotion] Limited Edition - Booster Pack!

Promotion – Limited Edition - Booster Pack!

Use your Balens during this event and receive unique rewards!

START: Saturday, January 12th 00:01AM PST
END: Thursday, January 17th 11:59PM PST

Click HERE to see what time it is in PST!
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Available for only a short period of time, select Booster Packs will be on sale in the Shop! These packs are sure to give a push in the right direction.

• 339 Balens – Booster Pack I – Lvl. 1-3 Gems Pack x1 and Mount Training Whip x10. You can only buy 100 packs per day.
• 1899 Balens – Booster Pack II – Lvl. 3 Gems Pack x1 and Mount Training Whip x50. You can only buy 5 packs per day.

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01 Feb 2012
United Kingdom
PostedJan 14, 2013 10:41 am
Just an observation about the booster packs, pack II has 5 times as many whips as pack I but still has only 1 gem pack.

This makes pack II over 200 balens more expensive than 5 x pack I not to mention the fact you're potentially getting less gems with pack II than you would with 5 pack Is

Also, a mount training whip is 35 balens each, pack II has 50 which, if bought separately would cost 1750 balens (149 balens cheaper than the pack). Yes you're getting a lvl 3 gem guaranteed extra but not much discounted price to mystery shopin comparison with the discount that pack I affords.

Buying 5 x pack Is is also cheaper than buying 50 individual whips (don't forget the bonus gem packs u get on top with pack Is).

tldr - pack I is definitely value for money if you are considering buying whips, pack II is not. buying multiples of pack Is is probably preferable to buying 1 pack II.
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