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25 Mar 2012
PostedJan 12, 2013 2:09 am

Aeria Ignite Loot Box

Aeria Ignite's Loot box Isn't Working
K so I just got back to playing WolfTeam after a few months and well Aeria Ignite is really annoying me. Whenever I try to click on anything on Aeria Ignite it freezes. When I use the WolfTeam icon on my desktop it brings the WolfTeam login tab and also Aeria Ignite on the wolfteam page but even from there when I click on the Loot Box it freezes and my cursor gives the little hour glass sign. The task manager says its 'not responding' Evil or Very Mad . I want the loot box so bad!!!!! Aeria games why remove it from the website?!?!!?! HELP T.T
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