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02 Jul 2009
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PostedJan 11, 2013 2:07 pm

Non premiums server

Possibility of server without premium items

i just came back to try this game after a very long time. Since i wasnt around playing i lost all my gear .. Entering the first room nearly all ppl were using premium items such as Over powered characters with armor, ice skills wolfs etc etc.

Ofc with skills u can still kill, but trough those hours i had no fun at all playing.
I played old softnyx wolfteam when there werent this premium items, it was epic game (often hacked but eh aeria has hackers running around too) and i enjoyed playing it. Even in here when wolfteam beta came out this i liked it here.

I just miss the old way of wolfteam gameplay where i didnt had to worry, if the one who joins has over powered gear or not, so wanted to ask if there is a possibility, of some server where are no premium items allowed, im sure many many people would like it too. I would even finance the server.
Or make a server where all gear (including premiums) are free.

Like gunz had (legacy gunz etc)
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