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21 Dec 2012
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PostedJan 10, 2013 10:39 am

American Guild???

or guilds that are active during similar timezone
Hi, im DragonQuest and I live in America and follow on Central Timezone. Im currently in a Guild and i really like the people i've met so far, but my problem is that i have to be on at very odd hours to interact and socialize with them and i cannot do this any longer due to work. Now that my schedule is back on track I am looking to join an American based Guild or one that has members on in our timezones mostly around 4pm - 11pm.

Its tough to ask around, I dont want to bother too many people with this and im unsure of the best way to find this suited Guild im looking for, so i've come to the Forums in hope of a solution or suggestion. Im not too picky on which guild as i am the 'times' people are on. I just wish to see some interaction and activity when im on. Thanks for any replies and suggestions as to my next course of action to take. ^^

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