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09 Dec 2012
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PostedJan 04, 2013 12:46 pm

Magic bard Part 1

The Bard has Born
Rafufu is a High School Students He is 15years old Man
His skill is using a Guitar ....

Oneday Rafufu Are going to back to his home and he heard "Rafu Rafu"

Rafufu Look his back but he didnt see nothing and then rafufu go in his front and he saw a little girl with transparent whole body then Rafufu talks to her " Hello what are you doing in a middle of night?"
The girl Replied to him " I Aint Alive im already died Im Shina"
Rafufu Has a goshed face when talking to Shina " Omy God Sorry to interfere you but im going" Rafufu Run until he goes to his home

Rafufu is in pale and he cant catch his breath he enter his house and his mom said "Rafufu What happen is there anybody Catching you? or is there anything happen baby?"
Rafufu Replied "Theres no one i just tried if i can run into my far away school into our house and mom can you stop calling me a Baby im already 15years old"

"Alright Son Anyway Come and Eat Dinner with us" Rafufu Mother Or We can just call her Leira
"Leira Can you get me a drink Honey?" Rafufu Father(Or Jokie)
"Honey can you go downstair Lets Eat Dinner" Leira Replied to Jokie
"Alright im coming there in 2mins" Jokie Replied to Leira

"Mom can i eat later i need to do something" Rafufu Talk to his mother

"Alright but eat later alright" Leira Said

"Sure mom or ill eat tommorow i might fall asleep im really tired" Rafufu Said

Then Rafufu Goes Upstair in his house

Rafufu Are thinking why the girls Shows to him last hour ago Not Just Last Hour The girl shows to him everyday

Rafufu Think that he might has a Third Eye but he only saw the girl ...

Rafufu Fall Asleep Then One Morning

"Rafufuuuuuuuuuu..........." Jokie Called Him

"Wowowowowo ... Argg Dad can you Stop calling me in my ears and you didnt even Knocked" Rafufu Replied to his Father

" Owh Son i Knocked but you sleep so i know your not going to hear it so i came in" Jokie Said
" Alright Im going to pack my self up im going to be late thanks for the alarm dad" Rafufu Said

"Son After you Go home later can we talk about something" Jokie Said

"Sure dad but remember i dont like a sad story" Rafufu Said

"Sure son anyway you can take my guitar at this day" Jokie Said

"Owh i must forgot we had a guitar program im going to join there" Rafufu Said

Rafufu has packed his self and with the Guitar with A Flame design on the back

Rafufu Are walking at street A-16 near of his house and where the girls shows Rafufu Hear the girl agian

"Rafu Rafu Theres A Danger" Shina Said

"Hah? WHere" Rafufu Said

Then when rafufu look in his back theres a big ARM goes to his Face(Someone Punched Him)

"Awtssss Why what is that?" Rafufu Said

"You Dont know me im the best bard in the word so dont even join the program or else ill kill you here" The Man WHo Punched Him Said(kirin)

"Yeah Your So Many Kirin if you want lets do One On One i can Fight You" Rafufu Said

"Who the heck do that ? i aint that person stupid guy" Kirin Replied

Kirin Take Rafufu Guitar and Start Ruining it but it aint happen the guitar Start to Automatically make a beautifull music but something happen

GUITAR" Neng neng neng neng neng BOOOOM"

The guitar has begun to knocked all the enemy include Kirin

The Guitar Talks "Your Father will explain everything later Rafufu"

Rafufu cant talk he is goshed and cant even stand

To Be Continue.....................
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