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[Tips for Beginners] Cheap ways to store non bound items

storing items for 0 silvers using Auction House and other tips
Backpack and bank space is a problem in most MMORPG.

Luckly EE has an archive (yellow chest icon in minimap) that let you store (most) fashion, yellow (trophies, weapons, armors), oranges gear... It can also be used to pass items between characters on the same account.

On top of that you can buy with AP or from other players 5,7,10,15,20 slot bp to expand your backpack or your bank (buying 30 days rental slots)- BUT there are cheaper ways to store UNBOUND items.

Canceling Auctions

Auction House NPCs can be found next to the bank in Aven (aound 288;400).
If you auction an item for 1 silver the tax will be 0 silver, canceling that auction the item will be stored in your mail for 365 days.

This method can be RISKY : if you forget to cancel, or don't cancel in time, or your party member does spatial conversion at the wrong moment (happened to me once, but I still never lost an item in more than 1 year). For this reason it's a method I suggest for cheap items like potion stacks, enchant scrolls, crafting or racial materials...
Also note that mail shows only 5 pages with 6 item. Anything over the 30th item won't be shown until you retrieve the previous, but it won't be lost even when u can't see it (and so far I never reached a maximum item number in mail).

Mailing items to an alternate character
You need an alternate character (even lvl 1). When you need the item log the alternate char and hit return (don't collect the item or you won't be able to mail it unless your alt is lvl 30 +). After 3 days the item will be automatically returned to your main account and they'll stay there for 10 days.
So you Risk to lose the items if you don't log for 14 days, or less if you keep them in your mail for a few days. I suggest to use this method as an emergency: i.e. you have the backpack full while in a dungeon and make room for more drops sending some racial/farm/mob drop materials you gathered.
Also check the Cost of the mail: some items like stack of potions, necklaces/rings, and expecially enchants can be really expensive to mail.

The Mule
Create an alternate character and level it to 30. That should take less than 7 days but it's definitvely worth it: you get access to around 70 storage slots (not to mention 30 more mail slots to cancel auctions).
To move the items between the two characters you can

  • Use the mail (remember to colllect them within 3 days or they'll return and you'll have to send them again).
  • Ask for a trustworthy friend to hold on to the items (if you have to store items expensive to mail, or many items at the same time) while you change character.
  • Use the guildtown warehouse to trasfer items (if both char are in the same guild - and you can trust your guildmates- and have the auth): to use guild WH you don't even need lvl 30.

This method requires a bit more time to level and then organize and trade back and forth the items, but it's definitively worth the trouble; expecially to store craft materials, and racial materials.

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12 Dec 2009
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PostedJan 02, 2013 5:03 pm
Cool post! Should be added to helpful links or better yet start a new thread "For Beginners/New to Eden Eternal" Surprised

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