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20 Aug 2012
PostedJan 02, 2013 9:04 am

Fixing “connect to server” error for users with Avast

It seems that some of you that have Avast antivirus installed in your computer have some issues while trying to connect to the game. We detected that the Avast database has some files from AVA detected as flagged, and it´s erasing or preventing the game for running normally.

While we investigate this issue with the folks at Avast, the following two steps seem to be working in order to fix this issue:

1: You need to add the AVA/Aeria Games (and Steam in case you install it with it) folder on Avast´s exclusion list by following the next steps:
- Open Avast
- Select “ Real Time Shields” on the left
- Search for File System Shield, and click on Expert Settings
- Click on Exclusions
- Browse the list and add the AVA/Aeria Games folder ( in some cases Steam folder, in case you install it with this software.)
- Try to open AVA again, it should work after this.


2: In case you receive the same error again, you will need to:
- uninstall AVA
- turn off AVAST,
- download the game again and install it while having Avast off.
- After the installation is complete, please add the AVA folder as an exclusion by following the instructions of solution 1
- Open AVA

Remember as well to read the Xign code FAQ in case the problem is caused by other services or software running in your computer.

In case you have any question, or your problem doesn’t get fixed after this, please don´t hesitate in send us a ticket with all the details of your issue so we can help you further.

YourTeam AVA
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