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23 Jul 2012
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PostedJan 01, 2013 9:14 pm
ZiggyIsGrape wrote:
coolwhip_279 wrote:
ZiggyIsGrape wrote:
coolwhip_279 wrote:
ZiggyIsGrape wrote:
coolwhip_279 wrote:
MrReaper_AVA wrote:
So is anyone interested in this? It would be nice to have the feature embedded to UAVA directly.

VOIP in match channel anyone?  

Yeah that's a great idea until someone hacks then everyone all at once are yelling "HACKER! HACKER! OMG HACKER! KICK YOUR ****ING HACKER!"  

Theres no way VOIP would be implemented without a mute option, that's just crazy talk >.<  
What if the hacker disabled the mute button and was trolling music over the chat?
None of the good FPS game that i know of have a VOIP chat built in,adding one to AVA would make the lag even worse. If you guys wanna voice chat download skype,raidcall or whatever.  

There aren't many hackers in Match,but still kinda a what if thing. But really,what decent F2P FPS has a built in VOIP chat?  

I just thought the idea of hacking the VOIP feature as funny Laughing  

And playing this through it of course....
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